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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) remains a hot topic. For some companies it’s an issue of regulatory compliance or corporate social responsibility. Yet others regard it as a source of competitive advantage and with good reason. Research shows that organizations with greater levels of diversity outperform their competitors.
Hire our rising stars with the utmost in promise.
We built a network of top mentors – to match with hand-picked under-the radar screen predators.
How we work
Talk to one of our mentors who will describe their formula for design the best candidate to compete in the next creative economy.
Our candidates will be certified in building complex web applications, leading front-end applications, digital product design and developing visual design systems. They can create effortless user experience and design customized digital products on-time and on-budget. Their entire process of going from a concept to release and gathering user’s feedback on either client’s or my their own products is what makes them difference makers!
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UI Designers

Product Designers

Motion Designers

Brand Designers

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Dakar is your link to under-appreciated and untapped talent. We leverage our 30 years experience and ties to these communities and organizations so we can bring talent to you that might be difficult for you to find through normal means.


Founded in 1992, Dakar Foundation for the Performing Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit with extensive ties to underserved communities and community colleges. We’re rooted in mentoring, focusing on finding potential in kids and young adults, bringing resources to develop that potential and then helping to match that potential to forward-thinking employers who are looking to increase diversity in their workforce.

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We work with or have worked numerous companies and organizations to place people or to provide experiences which will help students understand the workplace.

• Over 100 youth and young adults placed

• Over 300 events in 30 years
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Simple things like this ~

Why diverse teams are smarter ~


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