WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE…What Can You Do To Prepare?


Will you be attending MWC LA/ YOMO LA Dakar would love to meet you at our exhibit and our Thursday, Oct. 24th Broadcast of our Futurist Roundtable. Set a meeting with us by sending an email to kevinclark@dakarfoundation.org pic.twitter.com/1ZExn11c4h

— Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) September 20, 2019

Dakar invites you to join us Thursday October 24th, 10 am. “What Happens When World’s Collide Vol. 1″.  Innovative Tech + Entertainment + Business+ Diversity & Inclusion.  Futurist will provide their vision of convergence. plus a a sneak peek at the XR XChange

The one hour broadcast will showcase student-led tactics and techniques of how to  enter  and compete in producing award winning 5G, AI enabled content.  Our Hosts Jay Tucker , will bring together stakeholders, leading content creators and up-and-coming talented students to discuss the way ahead.

Our Hosts

Jay Tucker



Invited Speakers:  

Josh Littlefield


La Mer Walker

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Jessica Ku KimNorman, DPI


Shane Norman, DPI XR XCHANGE

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Josh Hassin



When World Collide Created Award Winning Movie Magic, 1952… Lets Collaborate On The Next Adventure, Thursday, October 24th @ #MWC19 11:30am pst pic.twitter.com/mpdK4e8dJ4