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As I listened to AT&T CEO of Communications John Donovan conversation yesterday about his vision for the future, I now understand the investment to partner with Magic Leap in this much talked about, highly secretive business deal.

Below is my edited clip from John Donovan's keynote address from the Magic leap Conference.

Donovan’s articulation of AT&T’s strategy to deploy 5G using Magic Leaps platform was stunning for me.  It was nothing short of brilliant in my humble estimation to partner with a company who was still betting on the come that they had the next best tool in this space of XR.  With this partnership, I’ll be leaning-in on the partnerships next moves including the newly developed  Magic Leap/Direct TV App.

One of my favorite quotes is "The best way of predicting the future, is to create it." 20180320_192946

As a newbie to XR, I got a much better understanding of the need for my students and mentors to add spatial computing to their lexicon. This is so important for future developers and creators as AT&T’s commitment to enable Magic Leap and others with it’s new robust 5G network.  Donovan said that he’d like to see his grandchildren sit down and learn from Einstein one day, and with this marriage, that is now possible.

This announcement that had been brewing for months, but has been muted a little because of the DOJ appeal with the merger, yet it is still a game changer in many ways.  Anybody in their garage, classroom and laboratory can re-architect everything in digital media.  AT&T was the company that was first to launch the Apple’s iPhone aapl , and is now the first with the next generation of mind-blowing consumer tech. AT&T .

Magic Leap, a company that was being touted as the next big startup a while ago a manufacturer of virtual and augmented reality goggles, now has become a force to be reckoned with a powerful friend in AT&T as its “exclusive” wireless distributor.  How their fortunes have changed with John Donovan championing them as an innovative and first strike in competing with with the other 5G carriers.

In closing I have to give a shout out to Krystal Cooper, who posted on Dev Post or Facebook or somewhere in our social networks that I should come meet her at Magic Leap.  She said that she would be walking around with the “teal hair”.

Well thanks Krystal, because without your endorsement of this conference, I wouldn’t have made the effort to lean-in.  You’re definitely an influencer and want to hear from you in the near future about your thoughts and reflections about your career building strategies.