After a successful launch of our first BrownbagTV Podcast from the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center inside of SIGGRAPH LA ’23, we’re launching our new site,, and prepping for a series of events to produce our 2 new podcast, Sept 6th, and October 6th, stay tuned for more details.  On tap is our recruitment for 30 pre-apprenticeship candidates to plan and execute our next outreach campaign to promote the features and benefits of apprenticeship nationally, and state-wide.  Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week ’23, we plan on using our core group  to drive more engagement and discussions about our story.

BrownbagTV wrapped SIGGRAPH 2023 With a great lunch, and fellowship session with our benefactor, Tony Baylis.  SIGGRAPH has come and gone, an international audience of more than 14,275 attendees from 78 countries enjoyed the 50th edition of the computer graphics conference and its Mobile and Virtual Access component. We hope we’ve made life-long friends, and some connections to emerging pathways in creative-tech.

Our apprentices are all excited about there futures in career exploration with an emphasis on discovering the new tools in generative Ai and machine learning.  We’re now up to nine apprentices with the addition of some new faces in Kayla Williams, Alix Azuike, Garren Bercero, and one old intern-mentee relationship in Shoni Doe.

On Tuesday August 8th, the Dakar Apprenticeship team featuring Shain Hymon, produced the first ever live podcast from the floor of the 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH inside of the LA Convention Centerer West Hall. This was an historic moment in the 50 year history of the premier conference. You can see the rebroadcast below.

The BrownbagTV crew comprised of 16 student apprentices, faculty from UCLA, USC, The CSU’s, California Community Colleges, and LAUSD sourced a podcast crew to broadcast live using the DLZ Creator, AI powered podcast bundle to power the session.

Thanks to our sponsor, Brad, and CJ for all of the support. The 2 Hour broadcast featured, conversations with NBA Hall of Fame, Mitch Richmond, Chief Diversity& Inclusion Officer, Tony Baylis, Alton glass, Department of Apprenticeship analyst, Doug Kawa, CTO, Story file, Val JonesUCLA Anderson MEMES, Jay Tuckerand student Travel Grant recipients from around the country.

This production was two months in the making and brought together students, mentors. academic officials, government operatives on all 4-levels of workforce and labor to help us source the elements needed to plan and execute. We thank all of the people at ACM SIGGRAPH who helped us launch this historic endeavor to showcase the Dakar Apprenticeship-program, and the 8-registered apprentices inside of the future of community building and deep-learning for all sectors, especially arts-entertainment-media-tech.


Stay tuned for our BrownbagTV Podcast, planning is underway, as we upload and edit our SIGGRAPH Scoops session as rebroadcast and a documentary on the making of this monumental event.  Shout out to our crew: Shain, Alix, JP, Kayla, Shoni, Mariah, Garren, Damone, Daniel, Skyler, and Missy.

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