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Kevin Clark

Since  the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SCAN), Dakar Foundation has been active in setting up our 4 apprentices for success by developing infrastructure in the program, and preparing for recruiting 30 pre-apprentices this summer.  On March 31st, Dakar was onboarded as a newly minted registered apprenticeship program in the Arts-Media-Entertainment sector for the State of California.

Dakar has previously been registered with the Department of Labor back in September of 2022.  We now are the first dual registered apprenticeship in AME in the State of California, and look to expand our reach with pre-apprenticeship in Investigative Journalism under our Digital Pathway Initiative (DPI).

The Dakar Foundation and it’s BrownbagTV crew captureD the SCAN meetup on March 22nd, where we captured an interviewed speakers, and operative inside of the Apprenticeship command as well as produce a Live  BrownBagTV Podcast at the Bioscience center in Culver City, California.


Some of the highlights of our BrownbagTV experience was our own JP Cabuncgal, who was invited as a panelist to give his testimony about apprenticeship through a point of view the 21-year-old and he didn’t disappoint.

We were fortunate enough to be introduced by Chris Cagle by Alison Freezel and we took the introduction to the next level of engagement than we could imagined when we first met him.  Dakar sees many opportunities for mentors and mentees in our dual registered apprenticeship program to recruit apprenticeship programs and requisite apprentice candidates, as well as audience reach and engagement efforts.

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Dakar is in talks with several clients about creating strategies such as storyboards for a potential media campaign to move more students, parents and influencers and their influencers to join a federal and state call to action  as  a intermedia to to drive more outcomes and to revolutionize workforce training to placements and signatories.

Another highlight was meeting key operatives in Apprenticeship adoption efforts, Adele Burnes, Douglas Howell,  Jan Vogel and seeing old friend Larry Holt.  The success of Dakar and its Digital Pathway Initiative (DPI) is focused on-Story, Our development of young minds and hearts such  JP, Mariah, Damone, Skyler, Eduardo, Shain and the Dakar foundation network.  Stay tuned….