The Pipeline

The Dakar Pipeline Portal, powered by the CSUEA, is the most comprehensive recruitment software solution for professionals in the Video Game, Animation, TV & Film, and 3D Technology & Software Tools industries whether they are Employers searching for Job Seekers or Job Seekers looking to secure the “right” job.

Our primary objectives are to provide Employers with a highly economical, effective tool that streamlines their staffing and recruitment process, and also offer Job Seekers access to job opportunities across multiple creative content industries.

The Dakar Pipeline is not just a job board, but rather a conduit that will facilitate communication and the rapid exchange of information between Employers and Job Seekers. Our mission is to allow people to be as creative in their career and business choices as they are in their work!  That’s why we’ve created an “exchange portal “for our ecosystem to be inclusive of all nascent talent at the earliest stage of development.


  • 1 – Labor market research and analysis on the supply and demand for talent, to inform college faculty, employers and job-seekers about career paths, changing skills requirements and anticipated job openings.
  • 2 – Industry councils and employer engagement, led by DAKAR Mentorship Network, to convene business leaders and faculty, to strengthen relationships and communication, identify trends in skills and competencies, and build efficient talent development programs.
  • 3 – Developing Challenged-based learning opportunities to enable students to explore careers, apply their education and training, understand employer expectations and contextual mixed learning, receive professional mentoring, and on the job experience.  (e.g. internship and apprenticeship). This also encourages employers to co-invest in the job and career readiness of students. Example, AT&T Sponsored, Arts Careers Technology(Enhanced) On-Ramp (ACTOR) consortium.
  • 4 – Company visits and career videos, to show faculty occupations and work sites in-via virtual field trips, using XR and the best-in-breed Open-Source tools.
  • 5 – DAKAR will launch an Education Portal in partnership with LAEDC to develop a technology platform that will provide access  via the  Pipeline, DPI and third-party site that will creates a regional infrastructure to efficiently connect students, colleges and employers in real time, to share and activate job leads and work-based learning opportunities on a Salesforce community platform.
  • 6 – D& I Open Source Portal, Powered by ASWF to support industry-education collaboration, work-based learning, and map the industry assets using the Academy Of Software Foundation’s  D& I initiatives to drive milestones for next generation trends, and reports.
  • 7 – Student generated, published and distributed workforce news and lifestyle content and curriculum.



Dakar Interactive


Sony Digital Media Production Center


  •  Pipeline Exchange Portal (PEP), which dedicated to educating, recruiting and developing the next generation of industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries of tomorrow. PEP is a digital media/ VR/AR industry specific organization with a 21st Century “Pipeline Development Program” designed to reach and attract the best and brightest talent for careers with some of the world’s leading media, entertainment and communication companies.
  • The source of our success stems from our relationship with the largest entertainment industry organizations such as,
  • AT&T
  • DMA,
  • CCW.  

All of our educational programs are infused with this rare look inside the industry’s coveted Inner Circle.

    • PEP will take the first charter group of community college students this fall into an immersive Global Inclusion Workforce Alliance supported by the philanthropy of an A list celebrity who’s dedicated his brand to a University concept that will launch and Academy, a digital content lab and lastly a scholarship program to bundle a technology driven and more culturally diverse team of generation Z and Millnneals  than any other cohort.
    • PEP is dedicated to creating an environment for synergy between higher education institutions, organizations and the entertainment community that opens the doors of opportunity and access for a multi-ethnic talent pool that has traditionally been underrepresented in the media industry. Inclusion, multidisciplinary, character-development are the pillars of this University Concept and will be underpinned by mentorship, scholarship, and apprenticeship.
    • PEP, recruits, empowers and advocates for the next generation of industry leaders in the media, entertainment and communication industry. PEP engages and develops talent starting at the 10th-grade through California Community Colleges level through post-bachelor programs.  PEP is a consultant providing the tools and resources for personal and professional development for leveraging and navigating a career in this highly competitive career market.

    • Those who experience the collaborative strength of PEP will experience the full spectrum of career pathway placement, complete with certifications, and recommendation letter from the industry insiders such as Kevin Hart and most importantly how to excel and become a life long member of the cohort and mentor-to-be for future generations.
    • The Talented Tenth Connector is a development program dedicated to educating, training and recruiting the best and brightest diverse student leaders from our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other Predominately Minority Institutions (PMIs) for careers in entertainment, media, and technology.Each year EICOP founder and president Stacy Milner and a team of industry professionals kick off the fall with The HBCU College Tour, a series of workshops, seminars and panel discussions held on HBCU campuses across the country aimed at offering students and faculty a rare look at the inner workings of the entertainment industry while equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in this highly competitive environment.

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