About Rubymoon

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Over ten years in developing products and over 17 years developing prototype products and inventions. I am based in Silicon Valley (Northern California) .

I worked for Intel Corporation for over 9 years, and a few other significant corporations in my past lifetime. I led my own start-up, cashed out and have been a consultant and producer since leaving Intel.   I will soon post more on my career or look me up on LinkdIn.

I developed our first line of leather goods and accessories for kids, teens, men and women due to demand.  We quickly realized that there was a definite demand for stylish, leather accessories that fit in with active, high end consumers.

We believe in green business and conserving the earth and its natural resources.

We also support causes to help those in need and to contribute to worthy organizations and individuals alike.  We will soon be providing product to causes that build awareness and provide goodwill efforts to those who need support.  Hopefully our efforts will come back full circle exponentially.

Be sure to shop, purchase and spread the word.