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I develop custom designer products for men, women and children. Initially I fabricated recycled leather and textile goods to create custom bracelets and cuffs. My second generation products are fabricated from new and recycled materials. In addition to consumer products, I continue to provide web development services, graphic design, video production, audio/music/voice over production, mobile application development, social networking and business development efforts. This has always been my primary career. I am a producer, a musician, a designer, a programmer, an inventor.. yet most importantly I am a consumer and love style and obvious benefit and value.

Yes, I need to start blogging AGAIN…

Okay, regardless of having no time for anything other than business, editing, family and my own sanity.. I am going to start blogging again, as well as Tweeting… ┬ástay tuned… Oh and to start off on the right foot… THE FREAKIN WORLD has moved forward people.. people use smart phones, are less likely to pick […]

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About Rubymoon

Over ten years in developing products and over 17 years developing prototype products and inventions. I am based in Silicon Valley (Northern California) . I worked for Intel Corporation for over 9 years, and a few other significant corporations in my past lifetime. I led my own start-up, cashed out and have been a consultant […]

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