The Pre-Apprenticeship Project (PAP) provides deserving public high school students the chance to work in dynamic career areas through paid Pre-Apprenticeship experiences. Through PAP, students will work in fields that map to 4th Generation Workforce and the Gig Economy.  Area of interest but not excluded are digital media, entertainment, technology, healthcare, and design. The American Apprenticeship Initiative was a President Obama program, and still supported by President Biden.  The PAP experiences can level the playing field for many students in underserved communities. The experiences empower student success; they change the trajectory of their careers.

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Case study, using Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world. 80% of the students in Los Angeles live in poverty. Although this is daunting, research confirms that success has less to do with race and class, than access to equitable opportunities. Skills such as persistence, motivation, problem-solving, self-confidence and self-regulation are better predictors of success than standardized test results. These are all skills that are nurtured by internships.


Businesses throughout Los Angeles recognize the need across the district, and the potential they have to impact students. PAP is helping by:

  • Securing dynamic business partners on behalf of schools and students
  • Identifying and supporting outstanding, passionate LA students
  • Onboarding business partners and student interns, and matching students in great placements
  • Continuing to advocate for the both the benefits and the necessity of work-based learning opportunities for students in Los Angeles


We’ll partner with some of the tech-entertainment industry most prestigious companies such as:


Carefully selected 4 Year University students will work with leading businesses in fields they are passionate about including healthcare, film production, new media and digital design, finance, interior design and culinary arts. Students gain experience that gives them a competitive edge in today’s academic and job markets:

  • Real world application of skills and classroom learning
  • Understanding of technical concepts
  • Increased exposure to cutting edge technology
  • Soft skills, like professionalism, tenacity, communication, and confidence


Exposure to a dynamic industry can be a game changing experience for a student. PAP provides an opportunity for students to grow, and for local businesses to invest in their community. The relationship between students and business, learning and commerce, can be a foundation for Los Angeles for years to come.


If you are interested in adopting an Apprentice-to-be, please click here.

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