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We take great pride in licensing and exhibiting Buffalo Soldier artifacts and media content. Our catalog of content includes the following content, programs and media. Contact us for more information.

Buffalo Soldier Content and Properties
Catalog of Digital Educational Properties (E-Books, Physical Books)
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/pib
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/love_of_liberty_3
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/did_you_know_vbv
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/binder_for_victory_by_valor
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/army_carol_hl._williams_finale.ppt
* http://issuu.com/dakarinteractive/docs/libr_print_ede-pbs2009
* http://www.victorybyvalor.org

Catalog of images, illustration artwork and replica artifacts.
Exhibits with actual artifacts and replicas that include priceless pictures, uniforms, metals, rifles and more from the early US Cavalry.
Buffalo Soldier Paperbacks Books
Buffalo Soldiers E-Books on CDROM
Buffalo Soldiers Mini Exhibits
NEW Buffalo Soldier Traveling Trunk

Licensed Video Vinettes
A Moment in Black History

Published Content
Kashif properties: Music, Software, Instructional Books)

Dakar Interactive is a 501 3 non profit group
representing works, exhibits and articles owned
exclusively by Buffalo Soldier Military historian
expert Anthony Powell and Celebrity
Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


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