Come Partner With Dakar As We Deliver The DIGITAL PATHWAY INITIATIVE (DPI) Launches virtually VIA BrownBagTV to 116 California Community Colleges And 23 CSUEA Classrooms weekly.

We’re looking for Corporate Social Responsibility Titans to partner with us in driving awareness of the DPI and a broadcast channel to reach our K-16 network. This channel be managed by a consortium of students, mentors, and media partners to provide the last mile in education to digital media workforce in the creative-tech economy in Hollywood.

The DPI Channel features 30 MASTERS, 20 STUDENTS 6 weeks. and 1 perfectly crafted STRATEGY students can use to get more media Skills, build confidence , and make more deposits into their Digital Media Career Pathway of Tomorrow.

DPI is needed more now than ever because of Covid-19 and multiple economic factors. We have finally connected with a core group of alumni from Dakar Media who want the training and exposure to new tools that will help them succeed in advancing their career pursuits that were disrupted.

Join Dakar as we fill out our roster with a few slots left with emphasis on underrepresented Black and Brown career-ready young adults in the Crenshaw corridor. Our team of student master-class men will unleash their skills on partner selected small businesses to deploy their training on creating custom digital media content strategies to augment those selected businesses capability to scale and serve their communities needs.

The DPI Chanel will broadcast a special edition of BrownbagTV, hosted by Retired Brigadier General Arnold Gordon Bray on Thursday November 11th, to Honor Black Patriots on Veterans Day.

We’ll broadcast an hour long screening of excerpts from the NAACP and Producers Guild Award winning documentary For Love Of Liberty with student generated video social media inserts and get reaction from a panel of selected veterans, civic leaders and students.
Please help us connect DPI to this Small Disabled Veterans Owned Business growth strategy using our solutions and master-classmen.
DPI will create an engagement and activation program for TVNOC.ORG , a Dakar collaborator in distributing outreach to the disable owned business in Los Angeles County to such resources as the DoD Media Activity.


MODULE 1: Leap frogging the current Digital Media Landscape in the Current Crisis and Beyond using integrated Marketing and Advertising

In many ways, it feels like nearly everything has changed, but one thing that hasn’t, is the power of the media. In fact, media platforms have become that much more critical in the lives of Americans who are now spending most of their time at home. So how do you navigate this new normal so that your message pierces through? We’ll tell you how.

MODULE 2: Finding the Best Digital Media Career Opportunities and Best Practices for growth

While in the midst of a crisis, much of the media narrative shifts to cover that crisis. But there are still COUNTLESS opportunities that go beyond crisis coverage and land straight into the media consumption habits of those who STILL need what you have to offer.

MODULE 3: The Way Ahead In Finding KeyWords And Trends That Human Resource Directors Crave

I know it’s heartbreaking to admit, but just because you’re in love with an idea doesn’t mean the media will be. Learn what angles give you the most bang for your buck to attract the media attention you crave.

MODEL 4: Cut to the Core of Your Brand

we’ll cut straight to the core and get down to the nitty gritty of drafting the meat of your digital media strategy. How do you express your big idea clearly, powerfully, and in a way that gets a green light? We’ll show you how.

MODULE 5: Design Your Media Bio

Execute your pitch like a pro by including a succinct description of your expert bonifides. You’ll cross that hurdle by crafting your media bio..and the mother of all portfolios.

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