Dakar is in the planning stages of a re-boot of the H.A.R.T Academy in the cloud. Until it’s safe to conduct job shadowing site visits we’ll conduct a speaker series via Zoom for a summer bridge cohort, commencing June, 2021.

APRIL, 14TH, 2021

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Dakar Foundation in conjunction with Los Angeles Community College District  will provide a weekly lab inside of HartBeat Studios to provide invited students 10-14 students to participate in a wide range of activities while learning the business of the business of entertainment.

The Process To Become A Red Hat Intern

⁃ Teachers from selected Los Angeles Community colleges will nominate students based on performance, community involvement, and grades.

Red Hat After School Program

Students will visit HartBeat Studios once every Friday for hands-on learning, mentorship, professional and personal development. Industry Professionals volunteer to train and offer guidance. Students learn and gain technical skills needed to compete within an innovative STEAM culture. Upon completion, students earn a scholarship or certificate.

In addition, students get in-depth training and support in

 ⁃ Coding in Java and Database Management

⁃ Health & Fitness App development

⁃ Website development

⁃ Social media branding

⁃ Entrepreneurship skills

⁃ Dress to impress

⁃ Resume editing

⁃ Filmmaking

⁃ Music production

⁃ Interview skills



Red Hat Intern Program

Eligible College students will be hired to get hands-on professional and technical skills that will prepare them for the workforce.Interns will be essential in helping to facilitate LA Mission College Career Days and After-school programs

Internship positions

⁃ Design/Developer Intern

⁃ Fundraising Intern

⁃ Public Relations Intern

⁃ Program coordinator intern

⁃ Historian internStudents will participate in professional development and production courses-The Business of Hollywood (Lectures, panels, and Q&A’s with industry professionals)-The Development Process for the Creative Industries-Professional Production Methods-Creating a digital profile, i.e. LinkedIn, IMDB, Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter.-Enter Participating Partners Pipeline Database, Lead Generation for Recruitment,  and training to submit to ODMEO,USC ICT ResearchFox Innovation Lab, Intel Engineer Science FairAdditional Incentives-Students are paired with a professional mentor based on their specific interest.-Students are given the opportunity to tour major production studios and attend industry-related events.-Students earn an IMDb credit for their productions and internship work.-Student projects are showcased and celebrated during a mini-film festival with friends and family.-Students are assisted with job/internship placement upon completion of the program. Things to decide-Payment/Stipend – Internships can be paid so students don’t have to find outside work. Or living stipends can be distributed.

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