Welcome to The Caravan Lounge

THE CARAVAN LOUNGE is a friendly, owner-operated bar located in the heart of downtown San Jose. As well as being one of San Jose’s oldest live music venues, the Caravan provides other fun activities such as karaoke, comedy, burlesque, pool table, and DJ nights.  The Caravan is also extremely affordable for those trying to stretch a budget.  And let’s not forget the music! All the shows at the Caravan are FREE!  

Open Tues – Friday 2pm – 1:30am

Open Sat and Sun 11am – 1:30am

Closed Mondays

“Aside from the obvious draw of affordable libations poured by heavy-handed barkeeps, The Caravan sets itself apart from other no-frills bars as the place to go to see up-and-coming bands. The bar has hosted plenty of local bands’ first shows, and regularly features smaller touring acts. If you’re a music fan always on the lookout for your new favorite group, make sure to pay attention to who is coming to Caravan.” -Metro




FEATURED VIDEOS – Go to our YouTube Channel by clicking here to see more…






FRI. JAN 27th – The Crew, GladFire, The Monitors

SAT. JAN 28th – F.U.X., Critical Response, American Standard

TUES. JAN 31st – Mondo Monday Karaoke on a Tuesday



WED. FEB 1st – Goners UK (Montana), Jerk! (Vegas), The Flaming Little Shits


THURS. FEB 2nd – DJ Basura

FRI. FEB 3rd – Moments, The Scalps, Faid

SAT. FEB 4th – Cult Graves, Abhorency, GoatCorpse

TUES. FEB 7th – Mondo Monday Karaoke on a Tuesday

WED. FEB 8th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show hosted by Mike McGee

THURS. FEB 9th – Shrine DJ night with Hex Embrace and C_Death

FRI. FEB 10th – Circus Of Sin hosted by Some Guy

SAT. FEB 11th – Big Rig,  Adam Spry, Chrome Serpent, Tom Connelly and Birds Of Paradise

TUES. FEB 14th – Mondo Monday Karaoke on a Tuesday

WED. FEB 15th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show hosted by Mr. Walker

THURS. FEB 16th – Cherry Coloured Funk DJ night

FRI. FEB 17th – El Guapo, Aris, Ruining Everything 

SAT. FEB 18th – Surf Monster, Doug Irvin’s Carnival, The Diversions

SUN. FEB 19th – ZOMBART with Joey Von Zombie

TUES. FEB 21st – Mondo Monday Karaoke on a Tuesday 

WED. FEB 22nd – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show hosted by FACO!

THURS. FEB 23rd – Piano Karaoke with Dave Coldren



TUES.  FEB 28th – Mondo Monday Karaoke on a Tuesday