Welcome to The Caravan Lounge

THE CARAVAN LOUNGE is a friendly, owner-operated bar located in the heart of downtown San Jose. As well as being one of San Jose’s oldest live music venues, the Caravan provides other fun activities such as karaoke, comedy, burlesque, pool table, and DJ nights. With one of the best Happy Hours downtown M – F and late night Power Hour Sunday and Monday from 11-12, the Caravan is also extremely affordable for those trying to stretch a budget.  And let’s not forget the music! Although the Caravan does do some cover shows the majority of the shows are FREE!  

Open Monday – Friday 11am -1:45am

Saturday 11:00am – 1:45 am

Sunday 11:00am – 1:45 am

“Aside from the obvious draw of affordable libations poured by heavy-handed barkeeps, The Caravan sets itself apart from other no-frills bars as the place to go to see up-and-coming bands. The bar has hosted plenty of local bands’ first shows, and regularly features smaller touring acts. If you’re a music fan always on the lookout for your new favorite group, make sure to pay attention to who is coming to Caravan.” -Metro


FEATURED VIDEOS – Go to our YouTube Channel by clicking here to see more…


SAT. SEPT 1st – Aris, Dustern, Novela

SUN. SEPT 2nd – Informal Society, Destruction Made Simple, FUX


TUES. SEPT 4th – Mighty Late with Mike McGee: Artist Lila Gemellos, Poet Kim Johnson, Sex Shadow Puppet Master Jose Medina, Sureni Weerasekera

WED. SEPT 5th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show with Mr. Walker

THURS. SEPT 6th – Moral High Horses, The Quigs, Space Giant, Erased Text

FRI. SEPT 7th – DEATH FROM THE CAVE: The Angry Cavemen, Rust, Wroht, Arcane Existence

SAT. SEPT 8th – Sisil, Big Rusty Bake Machine, B.A.D.

SUN. SEPT 9th – 120 Minutes DJ night with C_Death

MON. SEPT. 10th – Mondo Karaoke!

TUES. SEPT 11th – Last Rites DJ Night with Robert Mortis

WED. SEPT 12th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show with Mr. Walker

THURS. SEPT 13th – Ethnocide, Casual Vibes, Tango Hustle

FRI. SEPT 14th – Way II Stoned, False Freedom, The Biffs

SAT. SEPT 15th – The Big News, Bangalore, Shark Punch

SUN. SEPT 16th – Thangorodrim, Fuzz Evil, BT Saints

MON. SEPT 17th – Mondo Karaoke!

TUES. SEPT 18th – Circus Of Sin hosted by Some Guy

WED. SEPT 19th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show with Mr. Walker

THURS. SEPT 20th – Lost Idea, Infecto Skeletons, Brian Kenny Fresno

FRI. SEPT 21st – Cartilage, Sledge, Aseptic

SAT. SEPT 22nd – Post Tropic, Mannequin, Valley Grrrls, with DJ Catholicked and DJ Mala Palabras

SUN. SEPT 23rd – Casey ECV Shelton benefit show for his Papa

MON. SEPT 24th – Mondo Karaoke!

TUES. SEPT 25th – Nothing Night with Caitlin and Leo

WED. SEPT 26th – The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show with Mr. Walker

THURS. SEPT 27th – Static and Surrender, The Last Outlaws, The Pale Rumors

FRI. SEPT 28th – El Guapo, Aris, Viqueen, Isles

SAT. SEPT 29th – Rachel’s Birthday Show!!!  Deathgrave, CHAKI,  Fulminante, The Focke Wolves

SUN. SEPT 30th – Polaroid DJ Night with DJ Hex Embrace



















We are located at: 98. Almaden Ave., San Jose, CA