About Us

Initially Dakar Interactive started out as a 501© 3 nonprofit organization, set out to aggregate new emerging talent in film and music. These services included providing clients with business development tools, marketing solutions for acquisition and efforts to drive the sale of content, catalogs and intellectual property.


Dakar has come a long way in the 16+ years that they have existed in good business standing through economic lulls and market fragmentation. The future is very bright given the dedication, passion and knowledge that drives the Dakar business unit.


More recently Dakar has delivered key accomplishments in multicultural events and exhibits. From exhibiting at the Presidio in San Francisco to Juneteenth events in prominent areas to representing organizers and curators who own priceless physical properties and artifacts.


Dakar Interactive organizes properties, content and exhibits for events and businesses. We deliver obvious value for meaningful multicultural marketing efforts. Businesses are just now realizing that their strategic marketing and spending has not met their expectations. Businesses also realize that Urban marketing and diversity marketing programs are essential and key to their growth and success. Many businesses continue to consolidate, improve their performance or will simply fail in meeting these efforts. Only the forward thinking businesses will prevail in the future.


Dakar has always been a strong proponent evangelizing to content owners and businesses. We service small to complex projects.


The world has changed: Dakar has announce solutions for global Social Media that provides end to end solutions for Social Media Marketing combined with Viral Marketing and Media Development, Content/Digital Rights Management and Film/Broadcast Media Production. This new division is to be headed by an individual who brings credentials and business development history with entities such as Intel Corporation, Adaptec, Roxio, Intertrust Technologies, Universal Music, Bertlesman Music Group (BMG), Interscope, Capitol Records and Atlantic Records.


We are anxious to see what is on the horizon and becoming an end to end provider will allow us to provide one stop development to our partners, affiliates and clients.