Digital Media Pre-Aprenticeship Readiness Through

What is the projected outcome, Invitation to selected meet-ups comprised of panelist and exhibitors from conventions.  Focus conversation with research institutions on the horizon (future requirements) for workforce 2020.

-Communication and interpersonal skills within a professional setting via field trips to trade shows such as:


-The development of leadership roles-who does what and why? Taught By Christopher Darden

How to choose roles based on

strengths and personality styles. Taught By Jay Tucker

-How a professional Digital Media/ Technology is run, Taught By Yvonne Harmon .  She will select guest speakers, and provide the breakdown of all career opportunities inside of AT&T/DirecTV.  Field Trips and in-class assignment on building a Curriculum Vitae.

—Career awareness and exploration Taught By Michael Palank. MACRO VENTURES will supply executives who comprise their internship program and will groom students in the areas below

-To be accountable to a professional organization MACRO Internship

-Develop self-respect, reliability and resiliency MACRO Internship

-To be successful in completing project objectives and goals including deadlines MACRO Internship

-Develop “soft skills” such as creative problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, and
teamwork outside of the classroom setting. MACRO Internship

How will it be measured?  MACRO Internship
-Project-based learning

How to evaluate where technology is going in the classroom, Mobile, Streaming,Systems Integration, WiFi-LAUSD, Taught By Terrence Coles

Streaming Techniques, Mobile, Broadcast, Facebook-Live, SnapChat/Spectacle, Twitter-Broadcast- Implementation-Operations- Robert Reeber

-Writing in the form of journals or other writing activities
-Evaluations from industry partner  MACRO Internship

Final Learning Objective: 
Rigorous academic classroom learning with vocational coursework that merges in-classroom Taught By Rochelle Jefferson, former teacher, now consultant with LAUSD Arts Entertainment Branch

experiences with industry—related opportunities that integrates a project-based and performance based

Desires: Mentorship Development Of The 360 degree Student.  What’s On The Horizon And How To Get In The Room, And Get A Seat At The Table.  How to enable the Voice.Filiberto Gonzalez
That there are connections between the classroom learning and work site learning.

That we develop joint activities that enhance learning in both the classroom and the workplace.

That there are projects that provide students the opportunity to gather, evaluate and report
information, both individually and in teams.

That there is structure and organization that has a clear, purposeful flow to our learning

That there is learning about the organization and how it functions as a whole:
What are the basic skills necessary for working in the organization?

Which specific skills in math, communications, computers and time management are
needed for an entry—level position in this organization?

What kinds of thinking and interpersonal skills are needed to run this organization?

What other skills (non—technical) and characteristics are expected in the workplace?
What kind of interpersonal skills make a person effective in this organization?

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