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Dakar is working inside of the epicenter of Silicon Beach to make it more diverse and representative of the total LA County pool of talent.  Dakar needs partners like Google  Diversity to determine what direction, how and what role we can play in providing  civic and political leadership in making sure that people of color have a seat at the table.   It has been clear for a while that with its strong base of universities and creative talent, a Hollywood-fueled edge in digital media, a large local market and relative proximity to Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach is on the verge of lift-off.


Over the past few years, the rise of Silicon Beach, new accelerators popping up all over Los Angeles County, and the southern migration of capital and service providers from the Silicon Valley have all fueled the industry’s ascent. Dakar is excited about the prospects of an inclusive urban pipeline in Silicon Beach which was recently ranked the third-best startup ecosystem in the world, just after Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, Israel. Despite this newly fertile ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs, there’s a lot more to be done.


Silicon Beach startups have challenges faced by startups everywhere: finding customers, product development, raising capital and hiring talent. But, as a region, Los Angeles County  has some advantages that Dakar intends to leverage to improve  the capacity to grow a hybrid workforce to : forging closer ties between our world-class universities and the technology community. providing mentorship and support services for entrepreneurs, building an inclusive community across the vast L.A. County areas. connecting government to the technology community and establishing partnerships between tech entrepreneurs and larger companies that might eventually buy their products.


These problems can’t be solved solely by good will alone, so we ask Google to assist  in developing a system that generates awareness and engagement from inner-city school districts, churches, and after school programs to focus on bring mentorship best practices to entrepreneurs to create a platform to connect startups to talent, capital, new markets and other resources; and advocating for small technology entrepreneurs with local government as well as in Sacramento and Washington D.C.


Dakar has partnerships with tradition and innovative local players like NAACP Hollywood bureau, CAA, William Morris Endeavor, Revolt TV, Sony, UCLA and USC to support entrepreneurs who are commercializing university technologies.  Dakar is  eager and hopeful about the role that Google can play to fuel the innovation economy. In regions where technology companies are succeeding, like Silicon Valley and New York, there has been recognition of the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship between Tech Sector Icons and the local community they do business in.


Google can help create the conditions for the urban tech sector in Los Angeles county to grow and thrive through things such as business tax reform. investment in L.A.’s growing tech hubs and better use of workforce development dollars in the tech industry.  Investment from Google can catalyze an efficient, transparent and increased civic driven ecosystem of open data initiatives, civic hackathons and better use of online and app-based services for the growth of the local tech sector, participation in local hiring inentives in the  entertainment industry, and aerospace.


Los Angeles County is the third largest and fasting growing tech ecosystem in the United States, but current and future workforce projections indicate a strong need to bridge a glaring skills gap. A 2014 report from the Public Policy Institute of California predicts that by 2025, California will have an estimated 2.5 million unfilled jobs that will require at least some postsecondary education, with information technology slated to be the fastest growing sector.  At the same time, the unemployment rate is almost 15 percent for young college graduates and 42 percent for people with high school diplomas. We can address these challenges with thoughtful planning and strategic collaboration. Together, industry leaders and educational institutions can equip young people with the necessary skills to pursue a successful career in our local tech industry.

ABOUT US Founded in 1988, the Dakar has been the leader of education reform and private sector engagement, boasting the largest education investment by the Department Of Defense of any business organization operating in the Los Angeles County.


FACT SHEET: White House and Department of Labor Launch $100 Million TechHire Grant Competition Including $50 Million for Young Americans


Dakar is committed to transforming students from today’s tech consumers to tomorrow’s tech innovators. We’re building technology and education partnerships that combine rigorous academics, work-based learning, and real-world technical skills.
Companies that engage with us have the opportunity to work with schools across the L.A.  COUNTY area to influence the long-term growth of their future workforce. Google’s  expertise is critical to the development of successful programming and implementation of the  urban pipeline. Some ways you can participate include:


• Company tours • Guest speakers • Career fairs • Job shadowing • Hackathons • Business plan competitions • Coding academies • Mentoring • Internships
• Join our Tech Leadership Council • Connect and give back to local students from underrepresented backgrounds • Influence the direction of L.A. County’s tech workforce • Participate in multiple, high-visibility engagement opportunities at events

• Inform the development of technical skills and curricular alignment • Identify availability of occupations in your company • Outline the required high demand skills for your industry • Provide thought leadership on the development of training models that prepare students for jobs in the tech sector.





Entertainment. Agriculture. Manufacturing. Aviation. The Los Angeles region has been a hub of innovation and commerce since its earliest days. Still, the city known for the bright lights and big screens has often been in the shadows of the Silicon Valley when it comes to technology. Over the last several years, the L.A. tech scene has slowly evolved from a small cadre of pioneers to a burgeoning community that’s ready to become a leader in the tech world. According to Telefonica’s 2012 Start-Up Ecosystem Report, Los Angeles is the third largest global start-up ecosystem behind the Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. Today, there are startups, companies, universities, think tanks, venture capitalists and incubators — all working on growing this region’s tech industry. But, how can we leverage those resources to help foster this next generation of entrepreneurs and innovation?


Dakar Medial Alliance


Dakar will leverage the power of it relationship to deliver to k-12, community college, university students and entrepreneurs.

  • Mentors and advisors – getting tech start-ups the advice they need
  • Information and education – connecting entrepreneurs to information to access capital, talent and markets
  • Connection – bringing together people and resources that includes private sector funding, recruiting and client acquisition


With Google’s support, Dakar will focus on the rapidly evolving segments of the high-tech communities, including adtech, mobile, digital and social media, gaming and clean tech. Dakar will serve entreprenuers by working with:

  • Accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces
  • Venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity firms
  • Universities, research institutions and innovation labs
  • Government


Why are we here?

To fill the gap in trusted, relevant intel on where technology and the business models are going in digital media.

Every year, universities in L.A. produce more engineering graduates than any other county in California—including in Silicon Valley. L.A. is the content capital of the world. Startup Genome recently ranked L.A. #3 startup ecosystems in the world. L.A. is setup to have a vibrant technology economy. Dakar was developed to assist young men and women of color keep pace with the criteria needed to be competitive in the early workforce development., so that they will continue to grow, produce jobs, commerce and new technologies here in L.A. County.

How did we get here?

Helping to build a relationship with entertainment to aerospace,  community based organization, churches and social services , Dakar has helped support innovators, and build new industries in Los Angeles County for over 10 years. Recognizing the need to build a more robust technology sector in the L.A., Dakar has used its business, government and community relationships to develop an effort to help this growing new technology economy.

Dakar is a new partnership with school districts, private and faith based institutions to engage students at the earliest possible age to create awareness educators and parents to shift towards a new model that includes intervention, grassroots marketing, and hand to hand education for the school boards and the administrators who make policy.

What are we doing?

Dakar will focus on the rapidly evolving segments of the high-tech eco-system, including , adtech, clean tech, digital media, gaming, mobile and social media . Dakar will serve entrepreneurs by working with accelerators, incubators co-working spaces, venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity firms, universities, research institutions, innovation labs and government.

Programs & Services

The goal of Dakar is to assist technology entrepreneurs with growth and development by giving entrepreneurs access to resources: educational workshops & events, relationships with the large corporations, government, & universities and access to mentors, business advisers and support services.

Who should connect with Dakar?

Dakar serves Southern California tech students in Los Angeles County Our programming also targets incubators, entrepreneurs ,accelerators, investors, academic institutions, service providers and anyone who wants to get connected to what’s happening in the Silicon Beach Movement.

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