EMMERSIVE (E-M) is a career bank thats aggregates and articulates educational , life skill  (Voc. Ed 96)  and work force development tools for social impact inside of inner city public school districts.
E-M features a unique software system called “Framework Of Excellence.”  This is an intelligent collaborative software, powered by Studio Management Pro.  Dakar provides a Unique Measurable Impact for each student participant in this program utilizing a systematic approach.
E-M will enable, each student  to visualize their dreams, put in the bank to grow and mature as their investment in themselves becomes real.  Each student works within their mentors to define their goals, objectives and areas to focus on.  The system provides assessment from all areas supporting each student to continue building their investment in their skills (leadership, communication, analytical, technical and other soft skills).  In addition, the system will manage each student portfolio that includes individual and team projects, assignments, internships and apprenticeships.

The measured outcome is the body of evidence created by each individual students ability to submit themselves for qualifications, specified by job creators.  These acquired written requirements provide precise data sets to train against, and  are the most important factor in reducing the points of failure  for successful placement.  Students (mentees), mentors, and job providers will have the ability to match data and milestones for internship/apprenticeship assessment and recommendations for individual  career path mapping.   These requirements ultimately serves each student participant to withdraw their investment from the career bank, step into gainful employment ahead of the ever changing  digital shift that has transformed the technology and media sectors.


Mentorship undergirds E-M and creates opportunities for students who are accepted into the program to accelerate their use of E-M with the relationships that have been established through a broad understanding of the gaps that exist in the evolution of the students K-12 and beyond. provides the technical assistance and guideline for E-M to become compliant with all best practices of mentoring for our target audience of students who may become marginalized and overlooked by lack of access to the best of breed STEAM curriculum and tools.


The proprietary system connects student participants , mentors, and job providers with  a collaboration framework that tracks and manages projects, work performed, elements created and results, This enables management of metrics for outcomes and measurable impact for participants, mentors and effectiveness of projects. Ultimately, the mentorship program  bridges the gap between traditional vocational  education and the exposure to real-time, real world environments inside of digital media and technology business in Southern California.






Strategic Partners



Daryle Lockhart

Kevin Clark

David C. Traub

Anna Marie Piersiomoni

Tony Cahill



 Ruben Garcia



We will establish this by deliberately reaching out to the business and private sectors to partner with SOCAL schools to ensure all students are college and career ready.  We champion the work of our students, faculty, and supporters, and promote their success stories to potential partners site visits.  Through our work, we seek to enhance the branding of VR/AR Lab as a collaborative venue for and investment from corporate, community and individual partners to enrich the spiritual, physical, nutritional, and mental health of the students who struggle to overcome the lack of resources and hope often associated with underserved communities.



Google in Southern California

·         on-going professional development

·         Mentoring/job shadowing/apprenticeship

·         Sustaining and leveraging existing partnerships

·         School Branding / Academies

·         Broad-based collaboration and relationships




The cumulative effect of these initiatives will be transformative. Our 5-year goal is to reach 1000 kids in the program per year producing on average 67 cohorts per year (positive outcomes from the program). Of course, these outcomes will be skewed toward the outer years based on student matriculation through the subject matter, program maturity and increased partner participation.  Ultimately, we expect to produce 1000 positive outcomes over the first 5 years and achieve a 25% success rate of delivering capable talent to the workplace (for paid internships or job placement).



Given the incredible work that Google does in this space, we see a number of potential opportunities to collaborate:

The E-M model:,properly equipped will provide a powerful hub for collaboration and learning. Google can help by advising us on how to best utilize the space, and extend to backpack journalism. Making Channel the VR/AR Lab a third space-incubator, not school or home, but where young people can work, learn and grow SAFELY and productively. We’d love Google’s input as to how to make the most of the resources we have.

·Thought leadership/teaching/coaching: Google is involved in every aspect of the entertainment, technology and social justice concerns. As our young people develop skills, they will certainly benefit from any insights, curriculum, and coaching related to the production (and business!) of entertainment and social media diplomacy.

·  Experiential learning: Given Google’s international reach, we’d love to explore how to expose students to Google by preparing them to train and compete for long-range existing internship programs.

·  Content Creation: In addition to thought leadership, we should discuss the potential for partnering on actual content creation.

Given the  multi-cast platform we have with Emmersion model, and the historically compelling champion-of the-human-spirit content from inner-cities such as SouthEast Los Angeles County, the possibilities are endless



Dakar Foundation is seeking funding to create the framework to implement this program.


  • Seeking immediate funds to design program and set-up framework for program.
  • Fund Request:              $50,000.00
  • Time Frame:               November 2015
  • Facility Request:   Youtube Space LA on a monthly basis for planning  , Nov-May 2106


  • Seeking funds in 2016 to begin build-out and implementation of program.
  • Funds Request:
  • Time Frame:              Q1 2016
  • Facility Request:       Youttube Space LA, Google, Venice

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