Rubymoon Studios staff members are professional video shooters, producers, editors, designers, copy writers, technical writers, software programmers, mobile application developers, web designers, digital rights management, e-commerce and back office business development consultants.

We are very experienced and have serviced over five hundred businesses in the past 12 years.  Our expertise has always been in web development, content development, video production, audio production, application development and publishing.


Thomas Murphy - Videographer, producer, audio sound reinforcement, mixing, mastering, adrenaline junkie and more!  Thomas has production skills that he brings to the table with every job that he takes. With over 5 years of experience in the field, on stage and within media environments, Thomas is a strong asset to the Rubymoon Studios Team.


Luis Barragan-Salas - Videographer, producer, graphic designer and business development agent! Luis is a huge asset to Rubymoon design as he is man behind ‘Stiffys’, which is a hugely successful apparel and media business.  With over 4 years of experience in the field, designing, developing and building strategies for business models, Luis is the go to guy on the Rubymoon Studios Team.