It is 2018 now and to tell the truth I have not updated my music section on this website for over 5 years. I have an entirely new catalog of content and projects.

For examples go to:

I FBLive on my Facebook page from time to time so find me there if you can!

I have been producing music for over 20 years, within professional studios.  I performed for many years on stage and produced for live events and broadcast shows on Comcast from 2008-2010.

I have produced voice over, video score, video for mobile apps for Tivo and Cell Phone providers.  I have developed  audio content for software applications and mobile applications.

I have produced music for music artists and their mastered CDs, DVDs and music videos.  I have re-mastered and re-mixed many projects for artists over the past 10 years.

I provide full multi-track non destructive recording, editing, mixing, mastering and provide full studio services in and out of the studio. In other words, I do remote recording in the field and in the studio.

I have many reels, music tracks, music videos, voice over commercials and media examples yet too many to post here from over the past 20 years.  Yeah, I’m no kid, I grew up in studios and have recorded and produced many projects for artists, bands and businesses.

Music that I have produced, Recorded, Edited, Mixed, Mastered in Bill Rowan’s Arizona studio:
Artist Bill Rowan:
Must Be Doing Something Right.MP3

Music that I have provided tracks, performed parts and instrument recording:
Bass line by me!
What You Do.mp3

Guitar, Bass and music arrangement by me, recorded, mixed, mastered (Conga’s – Amilton Barboza, Vocals – Michelle Ortiz-Remy):

All instruments and vocals, recording and mixing:
Music that I have produced mixed and mastered for artists or bands:

Loqueto : Produced, mixed and mastered by Ruby

Eery the Don : Produced, mixed and mastered by Ruby
Bring You Home.MP3