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Dakar Foundation for the Performing Arts is a visionary nonprofit organization committed to providing youth with mainstream access to entertainment industry tools and career paths. The foundation is dedicated to Barbara Clark as she and Kevin are the founding visionaries responsible for all efforts and the mission of the foundation.

The Foundation effectively targets and reaches at-risk youth who want more out of their lives than what the odds may present and seeks to place students from economically disadvantaged communities into the Entertainment Industry.

Dakar is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization representing works and articles owned exclusively by Buffalo Soldier Military historian expert Anthony Powell.

The Dakar Interactive ALLIANCE is an outgrowth Dakar Foundation For the Performing Arts that was founded in 1989 as a results-oriented business solutions firm specializing in action-directed strategic planning, comprehensive project support and computer services. The Dakar ALLIANCE crafts, implements and manages custom designed solutions for entities involved in government, education, utilities and commerce. We are particularly skilled in applying cutting-edge Information Technologies as an integral part of quality improvements or as a stand-alone engagement.

The influence of media in the lives of youth is significant, yet traditional media unfairly characterizes youth in inner-cities in negative stereotypes as violent underachievers. They are also surrounded by the influence of drugs, violence, and crime. As a result their community is portrayed as one of the most dangerous in the country. Changing demographics also hint at the potential for cultural conflict if there is no opportunity for cultural exchange.

Neighborhood schools often do not have the resources to offer creative alternatives, and there are few after school programs able to meet the need of the large number of youth in danger of not making a successful transition to become well-balanced, healthy, productive adults. Schools are focused on models that improve test scores rather than creative, compelling, and innovative areas of new media instruction. Most students have only a brief time to use computers in their studies and little time for creative pursuits. Young people need to have a safe place dedicated to their interests that provide access and training on the latest new media technologies. Youth also need to be able to counter stereotypes and create their own content, messages, and have a means to address the issues. Youth must become active producers of content rather than passive receptors of misinformation they also need to made aware of available career opportunities and career paths open to them and be exposed to life beyond their community. They need to have access to role models and industry professionals who can guide and steer them onto the career paths with the greatest potential.

Computers are vital to the future yet in inner-cities the Digital Divide is widening. There are no video and new media-centric programs in this community built to the scale to handle the large number of youth that desire to participate. Youth must learn to create content that reaches and impacts the lives of their peers and allows their voices to heard in civic and social debate around crucial issues

Young people between 14 and 20 are very interested in and motivated to participate in digital music, video and entertainment programs. As heavy consumers and users of computer games some desire the skills to create their own games.

The DAKAR Foundation for the Performing Arts is a high tech, high touch arts and media community technology center offering programs in digital audio and video production, graphic design, and multimedia. At-risk youth in danger of dropping out can gain a renewed passion for academic and vocational studies while gaining new media skills and experience to qualify for entry-level entertainment industry jobs.

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