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We The Parent

We The Parents – Trailer from James Takata on Vimeo.

CASE Study

As a community outreach strategy, the best part about adopting schools is that it is doable.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) , which boasts the nation’s second largest public school system is our inspiration for stepping in to adopt Compton High.  LAUSD well funded common core technology project that will wire all but 80 percent of their schools and  purchased $400 million in Apple iPads inspires our team to advocate for students who we believe are deserving similar coverage to enable them to compete for opportunities to be a part of Americas next diverse workforce.

Compton is but one the nation’s 57.2 million nursery through high school students that are enrolled in 94,000 public schools and 28,400 private schools, yet there chance of ever competing on a level playing filed depends on organizations  to step-in when there are gaps or divides.  It’s time we reached a “tipping point” to reach our schools!


Mission Possible

Dakar brings together corporate stakeholders in diversity and inclusion with k-12 school district leaders in forging partnerships in increasing the awareness and outreach of mentorship, internship and scholarship programs for underserved students.  Dakar recently introduced Time Warner to YouTube/Google in a think-tank session/tour that has all of us thinking “what if”.
Call To Action: Donation of Intellectual Property, Labor, Materials and Financial Support. Goal $100,000
The campaign will run from September- June, supported via twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Friends of Compton High blog.
Dakar is a non-profit (501C3) organization that is committed to helping at- risk youth or anyone youth interested in a brighter future by providing mainstream access to STEM/STEAM tracksDakar Interactive in conjunction withCompton High School’s science department  and support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District , ANGB Consulting and  Cedar Groove Entertainment  produced “ALL THINGS SCIENCE” (ATS) Friday, May 24th, 2013.

ATS was the first installment of event that targeted a middle school recruitment day at Compton High School (CHS).   The day featured invited professionals from both industry and post secondary education to discuss with our students the importance of S.T.E.M.  More specifically, how High School Math and Science are the beginnings to all the different career fields in S.T.E.M. that are currently expanding as we move further into the 21st century.  In an effort to better recruit the best and brightest from the CHS feeder middle schools they bused those kids on campus so they can see what kind of science CHS offers.

CHS serves a community that is 72 percent Hispanic, 18 percent African American, and 10 percent other.   With a graduation rate of 84.2 %, the current system is not working as well as it should.  With the support of  Dr. Letitia Bradley,  Principal, of CHS and Science Department chairperson Dr. Lorentita Holloway , Dakar will create scalable solutions throughout the curriculum to more fully engage students in meeting and exceed the new the common core standard so that they will continue their education through and past high school into STEM career paths.
To reduce the drop out rate and increase the number of students who continue into STEM career paths by improving quality of the STEM education received by the students largely with the help of resources that were purchased or donated by:  Keeping the students on par with the new  Common Core State Standards  for learning while waiting for the Compton Unified  School District to keep pace with LAUSD iPAD deployment.
Corporations and businesses would benefit by creating a better-educated work force and by creating corporate goodwill.  Others within the community (both local and global) would benefit by helping children become responsible productive citizens, while
The CPSTL capital campaign will launch with a Kickstarter (or Indiegogo) that’ll be amplified during our seven scheduled Social Media Week events between September 25th-26th, with an estimated social impact reach of 2.1 million globally.  Dakar has developed partnerships with high schools in Chicago and Germany to extend CHS student experiences through  google hangouts  and  skype.  When the CPSTL is fully operational CHS students will experience a  virtual student exchange 
Summary: In working with CHS to produce a sequel to the ATS, Dakar is  consulting  Principal  Dr. Letitia Bradley on how to best utilize their recently installed wi-fi system on the 6.9 acres campus.   In our discussion with Principal Bradley we’ve targeted the need solicit; intellectual, labor, various materials and financial support for a campaign to create a  Cross Platform Software Testing Lab  (CPSTL) which will be used to “train-the-teachers” while simultaneously providing learning opportunities for CHS students to get a competitive advantage in the race for digital.  As part of the consultation to CHS, Dakar will implement a series of events of events to showcase CHS capabilities in sustaining an environmental sciences  adoption of (Compton Creek)and a mechanical engineering garage supported by (Indy Racing).
Social Media Week Events for Dakar
  1. The Greening of Compton Creek
  2. Indy Social Garage
  3. Digital Divide 2.0
  4. Digital Warrior
  5. Tina Speaks
  6. Social PTA

90 Minutes TV

picasion Dakar is in the preliminary stages of partnering with the Compton Unified School District to create a visionary Video Academy that would link students, teachers, parents, and the LA-County Educational Community LA-Net.  It would serve as a venue to share and showcase all Los Angles County talent. The programming is entitled 90 MINUTES TV.
picasion.com_1f769d72153b9a94489f7209d745076090 MINUTES TV is much more than school news. It’s a real-world showcase of digital media meets the cypher for generation Z.  A platform that provides relevancy and sustainability for students who want to turn-up on topics on the largest stages such as SocialMediaWeek.

codeBelow is raw capture of the 90 Minunte Townhall that was produced by Mr. Juan Reynoso’s ROP Multimedia class on Thursday, November 8th, featuring Retired Warrant Officer, Farrell Chiles,Retired U.S. Air Force Veteran and Compton High School security officer, Larry Ventress, and U.S. Army Veteran/ award-winng filmaker, Geroge Ohan.

Below are images from the Compton High School ROP Multimedia project that spanned 5 days of training, pre-production and execution of Veterans Week activities that is currently  in post-production for presentation as a 90 Minutes Special. Compton High Security officer Larry Ventress spent Veterans Day feeding and reflecting with comrades at VFW #5394, where he serves as post-commander.picasion.com_3586b3c6b2f3452c601b5b521199ae4bCompton High Schools security officer Larry Ventress with members from Veterans Of Foreign Wars Post #5394 just before embarking on their float for the Long Beach Veterans Parade.Compton High Students interviewing attendees of the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall Ceremony,Friday November 8th.  The students were the only high school media team covering the event, and streamed some portions of the event @ Compton High School Television Crew covered the opening of the 46 million restoration, and have are preparing a full a short documentary to the Military and Veterans Community of Los Angeles County in the near future.

Compton High Students interviewed a Navy mental health specialist for Long Beach Veterans Administration Facility.  The students were given access to all parts of the 10 story facility and took advantage by meeting key decision makers, that included members of the veterans-military community, The LA County Board of Supervisors, and the mayor of LA.




Connected Social Engineering