Kevin Clark
Los Angeles-Sept 22nd

The Digital Pathway Initiative will become synonymous with Los Angeles County K-16 stakeholders, if Jay Tucker and Kevin Clark can have anything to do with it.  Thursday, September 22nd Jay Tucker provided a sneak preview of coming attractions with a thought provoking exchange between two of the best STEAM programs working to add more flavor to Silicon Beach’s current composition.

Jay Tucker’s panel on how to create more STEAM career opportunities was a primetime feature of the 4th installment of Digital LA and Beyond, and featured an IBM corporate affairs representative Mark Stefanos who gave a positive forecast for IBM growths increasing it’s footprint in Los Angeles County recruitment , and stated ” We have some 3000 job that they can’t fill at any given time”.

Jay Tucker has been a constant in a local movement to bring social capital and innovative ideas into the vibrant Leimert Park area.  The platform programs that are designed to inspire, connect and open up new doors for underserved communities.

The  attracted talented entrepreneurs, VCs, students and business owners in the South LA community and beyond.  Audiences of Jay Tucker have been made aware of some of the most amazing shifts taking place in Los Angeles along the line of where technology and digital media intersect.

Mike Panlik, Macro Ventures  (Charles King) showcased their new intellectual property headed for online distribution.  They project featured an all Mexican American production, shot on location in Boyle Heights.