Kevin Clark -2-25

header_SFWe were invited to new Hotel LA Thursday, Feb. 25 by LAUSD Arts Ed Branch to listen to a conversation produced by Ernst and Young (EY).  The event started promptly at 7pm and was moderated by  EY partner Gracelyn Hodge .


12The panel featured a spirited exchange from a distinguished panel comprised of Dr. Robert Cherry, Chief Medical and Quality Officer at UCLA Health

14Cookie Johnson, President CJ by Cookie Johnson

16Beverly KuykendallPresident of American Medical Depot

17Guy PrimusCEO and Co-Founder of The Virtual Reality Company

The panel was preceded by a reception that started promptly at 6pm. I have to give the EY  coordinators their props, because there wasn’t any ”CP” time at this auspicious event.

The 2-hour panel discussion was inspirational and wove testimonials along with the sharing of tips and techniques to the audience. Leveraging the achievements of successful Black professionals was the theme.

Although, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this important information was being missed by all of the college and high school students that I meet on a daily basis, I realized that I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet several key representatives from EY who shared some potential pathways to bringing this forum to the classrooms in SOCAL.

In putting this blog together, I’m assembling notes and a pitch to ask EY for an encore performance designed for students who could certainly use an immersion in professionalism and mentoring.

The takeaway, was the great work that NFTE does to train and challenge students to articulate their dreams and skills in building business plans.  I plan on sharing NFTE’s work with the Arts and Science communities that I’m currently working with in SOCAL.

The smart integration of business and finance literacy  in secondary school will give our students a competitive advantage in obtaining early apprenticeship in any fields they choose to endeavor.

333Thanks Leroy Hughes, for your  support to the young scholars we serve.