Rainbow PUSH Coalition, in partnership with Google, Introduced  the “Dream Makers, Risk Takers and Money Makers: Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Forum” at Google’s regional headquarters in Venice.

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The third event was a national outreach effort to support Rainbow PUSH Tech 2020, an initiative which identifies ways to achieve diversity in STEM industries.

The panel provided some highlights for a room of about 100 people, among the most memorable moments was the testimony on Jamal Finkley, who said that he was proud to have made 1 million dollars in revenue on Youtube.

The Panel

    • Navarrow Wright – Founder, The Close The Divide Project
    • Jamaal Finkley – President, Black Tree TV
    • Pierre Johnson – Executive Director, Peggy Beatrice Foundation
    • Sheila Marmon – Founder & CEO, Mirror Digital
    • Kelly Redmond – Executive DirectoD, Impact Media

Reverend Jackson has been holding a series of forums, along with Google and other partners, to discuss ways to bridge the opportunity gap. This event was highlighted by a discussion with Malik Ducard from Youtube.  ”There is no talent shortage or opportunity shortage,” said Jackson, during the discussion “If we were to devote the same amount of time to apps and code as we do to basketball, we would be great.”


Founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. (L) and Global Head of Family & Learning at YouTube Malik Ducard speak onstage during Push Tech 2020 Los Angeles Forum

As one of the preeminent leaders in Silicon Valley, Google is one of the first technology companies to make a commitment to inspire and educate organizations, business leaders and up-and-coming tech professionals on how to engage and access technology.

Google’s collaboration with Rainbow PUSH is one of the many initiatives created to further the conversation and provide insight into key diversity and inclusion strategies in the technology space.


(L-R) The Close The Divide Project founder Navarrow Wright, gospel singer Erica Campbell, founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and Global Head of Family & Learning at YouTube Malik Ducard attend Push Tech 2020 Los Angeles Forum

The Venice forum was intended to continue a candid dialogue on the changes, strategies and programs that technology companies can implement to increase and support diversity and inclusion in the industry.


Robert Townsend was there and provided a stark contrast to how barriers to entry into media for African Americans have changed with the advent of Youtube and other digital media platforms.