Instuctor Phillip May, The STEM TriTab

By Kevin Clark

The Dakar Foundation was proud to participate in the Hour Of Code, collaborating with instructors Larry Hood, and Phillip May.   The 60 minutes program provide an interactive workshop featuring student demonstrations from coding apps to sensors for drones.

Instructor Larry Hood provide an overview of “Why” coding and computer science is  important to their career paths.

Instructor Phillip May is an incredible mentor, yet he describes his experience with his students in Compton as a surrogate parent to many.

Dakar has been searching for an instructor who can teach students how to “make” things, extending theory to real world products that can be monetized in todays digital world.

Students were engaged, and showcased their introduction to engineering prowess that showcased robotics, green technology, and digital media broadcasting production

This experience will provide certificates of completion for the students to put in their resumes, as well as to be leveraged for advanced placement in Dakar Media projects such as “Compton Creek” and the Fallen 66.