By Kevin Clark

Dakar Foundation has confirmed a power-packed Hour Of Code, featuring a session with Dakar Mentor, Dane Matheson, who will support our ongoing coding programs to prep for the Dakar Media Academy launch,fall of 2015.  The event will be livesteamed, 9a -10a PST on this Thursday 12/11.

Compton Unified School District instructor, Larry Hood will co-produce the Hour Of Code with Dakar board member Terrence Coles.  The one hour event will be steamed, live, and memorialized for CUSD to use instructionally.

Compton High School Instructor, Juan Reynoso’s class will be streaming and recording the Hour Of Code for instruction, and to use the capture to promote the Dakar Media Academy’s capability to recruit mentees for mentorship pipeline.

Dakar is in beta mode, preparing to marshall all of our resources for operations to commence summer of 2015.  We’ll be utilizing relationships built with CUSD students to create our charter membership program.  This selected group will also provide youth mentors 10th through 12th graders to work incoming freshman.

Stay tuned for details for our next evens in January 2015 ( National Mentorship Month).  Click on image below.