Dakar & Compton Prep For A Hollywood Mentorship Takeover

What A Week We Had Meeting Hollywood Mentorship Takeover Partners

We met a couple of new partners Coder Dojo (Nov. 8th), and  Carl Gist , Reel Image (Nov.6th),  Diversity discussion.  Both events  have Dakar strategizing on how to reenact the two experiences for our media academy.

coder-dojo-bachelor.ie_One of the highlights was our conversation with panelist, Christopher Mack, Vice President, Warner Bros Writers’ Workshop, about the 5 w’s of developing the media career pipeline.

We also met Yvonne, an AT&T digital media executive at the event who was keen on the idea of recruiting her media peer professionals to volunteer their expertise when time permits.

Click on the logo below to join the Dakar mentorship database. This starts the process of educating all on how we’ll create the most effective  mentor/mentee teams to be showcased during Mentorship Month in January.

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Mayors accepts Obama’s challenge to nurture young men of color…They’ll meet with the President in November.


To Our Mentees: Use Social Media To Pull Away From The Pack!


We Pay Homage To Our Mentor: Jerry Sherk 

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Hollywood mentors

Casting Call for Student/Mentees & Mentors

Student Mentoring MONTH: JANUARY

Take the next step in your media career by experiencing a day in the life of a media professional.  In times of change, of paradigm shifts, of realigned priorities, there is a group of optimistic dreamers that relentlessly seek inspiration behind every single door.

Suited For Success. An Experience All Young Men Of Color Should Be Fitted For.

Help the next generation of Media-Makers  explore the industry and give back to the profession by becoming a mentor during the month of November.  Sign Up here.

Who Should Participate

Mentoring opportunities are available to all Media professionals, and educators.  Student Mentoring Month (SMM) is open to all active Dakar Media Academy Students. Learn more about becoming an a Dakar Media Academy members.

Mentor ImageSelect only the days you are available to participate and click submit. (There is no cost to participate.)

Registration for SMM will be open November18 – December 12, 2014. To sign up, login to the Members only section of this website and click the Student Mentoring link under Event Registration. Select only the days you are available to participate and click submit. (There is no cost to participate.)

FAQ: Mentoring Help

Want to find out more about what Mentoring involves and how you can participate? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Mentor Pairings

The goal of  SMM is to pair one to two Dakar Media Academy Students with each Mentor to shadow them for a day at their office or firm. All pairings are random and based on availability and location. In some cases, Students will be asked to travel to a nearby city if a mentor cannot be located in the immediate vicinity. In the rare case a pairing cannot be found, a virtual meeting may be set up.

Essay Competition

All SMM participants have the option to partake in the Dakar Media Academy Essay Competition for a chance to win cash by submitting a 2-3 page summary about their experience. Find out more.

Capture the Moment

DMA will be putting together a collage of photos and video from this event to display online and at future events. All SMW Participants will be asked to take a photo of their Student/Mentor pairing during their visit or send a a short video shout out.
Photos: These photos should capture the essence of the experience and can be serious, funny, creative or action shots. Please submit photos along with a small caption about your experience to kevin@homageusa.net
Videos: Send a 10-20 second video quote about your SMW experience to kevin@homageusa.net or schedule a brief Skype/Facetime conversation with someone at Dakar Media Academy

Contact Information

For questions or more information on SMM, contact Kevin Clark, 310 466 3123

Mentoring 101

The capacity to mentor is a critical workplace skill. But how do you get started?  While there’s no definitive approach to mentoring, these strategies will help you grow into a role you may have had little or no training for.  Tune in to Individual Needs.  The key to becoming a successful mentor is to approach each protege as an individual.

Mentoring everyone the same is not effective, “Sometimes differences in ages can be a factor — [like] a 27-year-old manager mentoring a 58-year-old protege. Sometimes differences in gender, race and ethnic background can also be a factor. Proteges learn in different ways.”

It’s important to understand people’s different priorities. For example, don’t assume every staff member wants to be a manager.

Also, consider different learning styles. Some people absorb new information best when it’s offered verbally. Others prefer documents, while other workers want to be shown.

Once you understand what motivates an employee, it’s easier to guide that person in a direction that benefits both the employee and the organization.  Strive to Guide, Not Direct

Mentors should let the mentee take the conversational lead. Good listening skills are paramount. “The best mentors provide encouragement and honest criticism. “They don’t direct; they guide.”

Ask for Help

If you feel unsure as a mentor, discuss your concerns with other mentors. They will likely be eager to help.

And take advantage of structured mentoring programs. These programs, usually limited to six to 12 months, supplement informal mentoring relationships initiated by managers, Staten says. They pair people with complementary skills and create a systematic approach for achieving measurable results.

Establish a partnership that helps your protege learn. Foster discovery. Thought-provoking questions are more powerful than smart answers. Allow for mistakes. They are necessary for growth. Put your protege at ease by being authentic, open and sincere. Act more like a friend than a boss.

Give feedback that helps your protege improve his performance. Continue your support after meetings.

If your mentoring relationship isn’t working, discuss your concerns. Mentoring need not end when employees leave the company. Keep in touch with former team members, Staten says. Both you and they can benefit from exchanging information and advice over time.