Compton- October 23-

By Kevin Clark

Digital Hollywood launched the Dakar Media Academy campaign to recruit mentors to the “My Brothers Keepers” (MBK) initiative.   A distinguished group assembled to tackle the technology and STEAM education disparities in high need-underserved school districts such as the Compton Unified School District.

Dakar met member of the White House Office Of Public Engagement in May, and since have been in discussion with leadership about how Dakar could bring tech/entertainment resources such as Digital Hollywood to the fight.  It was decided that we should take on Mentorship, as it became the underpinning of MBK, and our call to action.

Dakar met with President and CEO of Digital Hollywood, Victor Harwood at the Digital Hollywood conference in May to discuss duplicating successful models of forming committees inside of  the Hollywood culture to bring “social change”, and match capable mentees to meet potential techology/entertainment influencers at Digital Hollywood conferences.

Dakar has volunteered as affiliate partner for the past three years with Compton Unified School district’s, and as part of our agreement we’re focused creating a Digital Media academy inside of district owned television station that will become the future home and laboratory for Dakar to frame the career-tech academy model, designed to bring industry partners to the districts quest to provide curriculum, certifications, and internship for it 25,000 students.

The execution of the event centered around creating a forum on the science of mentoring a tech/entertainment academy and providing a fulcrum of ideas based on the White House recommendation to stay narrowly focused on mentorship for our first phase.

The discussion was moderated by Dakar board member, Terrence Coles and Actor, Activist Richard Gant, featuring panelist, Victor Harwood, Digital Hollywood, music/film producer Kashif, mentor consultant and former All Pro Football player, Jerry Sherk, Universal Music, Leo Rodgers, Director of Career Tech (Compton Unified School District), Ryan Whetstone, General Manager, channel 26, Roger Alcocer, and Centennial Male Academy Director, La Donte King.

The panel also integrated skype presentations from, Senior VP of Programming for Revolt TV, James Brown, CEO and President of, David Shapiro, Director Of Diversity and Inclusion of the Department Of Defense, Norvile Dillard.


Dakar wants to thank all of the people in the planning and execution of our latest step in reaching our goals:  Thanks to  Angela Turner, Revolt Tv, Instructor, Jon Katzman, Executive Director, “Semester in LA” Program for Columbia College Chicago, Juan Reynoso, Asst. Instructor Aaron Sandoval, Lisa Snow MacDonald, Judy Taylor, Mentor Consultant, Ret. General Arnold Bray, Koby Langley, White House, Christopher, Darden, Robyn Browning, Luis Silvestre, and our supporter, Time Warner Cable,  and the person who pulled it off,Terrence.  Talk you next after @ USC Silicon Beach


A highlight of the event was a skype session between the Compton High School Video/Film Department.  The discussion was  led by Assistant Instructor Aaron Sandoval,who made his case for infrastructure upgrades for the 9-12th graders who are enrolled in the class and make the best of the equipment they have to create , publish and distribute their stories.