On Tuesday, August 19, former Los Angeles Lakers player and current Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott returned to Centennial High School, Compton, Ca to address a crowded gymnasium of students , as well as 200 enrolled in the Centennial Male Academy.

Centennial High School principal Jesse Jones started the program seven years ago, and has fashioned the program to adopt President Obama’s “My Brothers Keepers Initiative”.

All  the Los Angeles base media  outlets, LA Times, NBC, Fox, CBS Time Warners Sports, and our flagship organization, Roger Alcocer , Channel 26 were there to capture the event.

An unsung hero of the event was Centennial High School principal Jesse Jones, who mentored Byron Scott when he attended Morningside High in Inglewood.  Jone’s male academy was on full display, and the young men hung on every word from Coach Scott.

The  Presidents “My Brothers Keepers ” has been the focus of Dakar Foundation’s work with Centennial High School, and this event validated the investment we’ve made thus far.  We look forward to future engagement with these young men in a series of workshops and meetups with tech and entertainment mentors.

Principal Jones invited Coach Scott to address the group as a kick-off for the class of ‘2014, and to pay homage the Presidents “My Brothers Keeper Initiative”.

In the spirit of the national program, Coach Scott extolled the virtues of a mentorship, hard work, as well as the Love of God as his lord and savior, family and self in that order.

This is Scott’s second trip to Centennial High School. September 30, 2013, Scott discussed growing up in Inglewood, and how he was mentored by Centennial’s Principal Jesse Jones, and realizing the value of an undergraduate degree.  Below are excerpts from last years event. Read More