The Unlocking Tuskegee Airmen X files Competition  (UTAXFC) is a STEAM showcase to enable students to Unlock the untold stories of the Fallen 66 and the Tuskegee Airmen at Large.  This project invokes the sacred rull of all combatants “That No Man Left Behind”.

The competition will provide the teams with exclusive video,  For Love Of Liberty Multimedia, Hollywood’s POV, photos, music, artifacts, and social media and the forensic science to construct a story board for  presentation to a panel on Oct. 7th, USC Silicon Beach.

The teams will deploy STEM curriculum to deconstruct the forensics of the Tuskegee Airmen’s Missing In Action-Killed In Action classification.  Compton Unified School District has been the use case for the design of the project and will extend to cohorts such as the Level Playing Field Institute.

UTAXFC has identified (3) Fallen 66 families that have become charter members of the “Search And Rescue Mission”.  The Airmen that have been declassified and their X files have been opened for DNA certified families to start the process  and goal of repatriation and burial in Arlingtion National Cemetery are:

  1. 2nd Lt. George McCrubmy,
  2. 2nd Lt. Samuel Leftenant
  3. 2nd Lt. Lt James McCullin.


The Collateral Damage For Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

 UTAXFC Overview 

The most compelling aspect of the competition is for the teams to capture the oral history of these mid 90′s World War II heroes. History is never the past, and this project will enable students to interact with living legends before its too late.

2nd Lt. George Hardy, Only 25  WW II Tuskegee Airmen Still Left.