By Kevin Clark

This page is dedicated to a voice and spirit of a “Brotha” who has profoundly impacted my life for over 35 years. His music, philanthropy and friendship gave me a high standard of Stewardship that I share  with young gifted, yet underserved creative sprits today.


The teams will deploy STEM curriculum to deconstruct the forensics of the Tuskegee Airmen’s Missing In Action-Killed In Action classification.  Compton Unified School District has been the use case for the design of the project and will extend to cohorts such as the Level Playing Field Institute.

UTAXFC has identified (3) Fallen 66 families that have become charter members of the “Search And Rescue Mission”.  The Airmen that have been declassified and their X files have been opened for DNA certified families to start the process  and goal of repatriation and burial in Arlingtion National Cemetery are:

  1. 2nd Lt. George McCrubmy,
  2. 2nd Lt. Samuel Leftenant
  3. 2nd Lt. Lt James McCullin.


The Collateral Damage For Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

Teachers, students and organizations will compete in a shark tank experience for recognition and investment in the most viable multimedia project presented through a series of pitch events, culminating in a finals that will distribute scholarship and prizes for the winning teams.


 UTAXFC Overview 

The most compelling aspect of the competition is for the teams to capture the oral history of these mid 90′s World War II heroes. History is never the past, and this project will enable students to interact with living legends before its too late.

2nd Lt. George Hardy, Only 25  WW II Tuskegee Airmen Still Left.

Team Head Coaches and Student Responsibilities: rules of engagement and how the participants will run their challenges, and work with students.


•Team Head Coaches are responsible for the behavior and ethical conduct of their students, both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, postings in social networks, Chat Rooms and Team Talk, as well as in experiments conducted by the team.

•Students should conduct themselves ethically and in compliance with the competition rules and regulations when using the Discussion Forums Team Talk and online forums as well as when conducting experiments.


•Team Head Coaches and Students are responsible for following safety rules and taking safety precautions throughout the entire experimental process including demonstrations at all levels of competition. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:


◦wearing appropriate protective equipment such as goggles, gloves and close-toed shoes ◦storing and handling hazardous materials safely ◦treating any and all vertebrates (any animal with a backbone) ethically by following vertebrate testing regulations and guidelines and securing approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB.)


Review and understand these statements while participating in the UTAXFC.

1.I understand the project my team members and I plan to work on or are working on is our original work and that the resources and references used in our project will be noted throughout our research.

2.I will not give out any personal or identifying information without my parents’ or guardians’ permission, including, but not limited to, my name, e-mail address, home address, telephone number, parent’s work address/telephone number, or the name and location of my school.

3.I will tell my parents or guardians right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable. I will also tell my Team Advisor and ask them to inform UTAXFC Mission Control.


4.I will never agree to get together with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents. If my parents or guardians agree to the meeting, I will be sure that it is in a public place and bring my parents or guardians along. 5.I will treat other students, Volunteers and Team Head Coaches with the upmost respect while participating in UTAXFC – this includes always using appropriate language and never being rude or disrespectful when interacting on Discussion Forums, Chat Rooms and Team Talk, as well as in experiments conducted by the team.

6.I will conduct myself ethically and in compliance with the  UTAXFC rules stated below when using the Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums and Instant Messaging, as well as when conducting experiments.

7.I understand that if I do not follow the guidelines of this Code of Conduct, my team members and I may be disqualified from the competition.

General Competition Rules  & Schedule and Deadlines

partner-logos1 1.The online Registration Period is open from AUGUST 2015 through SEPTEMBER 2015, After this deadline, teams may no longer register to participate in the current UTAXFC.

2.The competition begins immediately upon registration. Teams have until OCTOBER 1, 2015 to submit their Mission Folders (all submission components) on the UTAXFC website, Mission Folder content or attachments will not be accepted by other means. After this deadline, no other Mission Folders or Mission Folder attachments will be accepted. UTAXFC reserves the right to change the deadline. Any changes to the deadline will be publicized on the website.

3.The Virtual Judging Period lasts through OCTOBER, while the Regional Judging period takes place the fourth week in SEPTEMBER. Winners will be notified by the end of SEPTEMBER. Scores submitted by the Virtual and Regional Judges are final.

4.The National Judging and Educational Event will be held in Mid to late May 2016


Team Make-up and Eligibility 1.To compete in UTAXFC participants must be part of a complete team. A complete team includes both three or four students from the same grade and state, and, one adult Team Head Coach Advisor who is over the age of 21.

2.All students and Team Head Coaches who wish to participate must register and have a complete team on the  UTAXFC website prior to the close of registration.

3.Provided the team composition remains unchanged, teams may submit multiple Mission Folders in the same competition year. If, after scoring, it is discovered that a team has placed in multiple categories for their grade and region, only the highest placement will be awarded. Students wishing to submit multiple Mission Folders must register with different usernames and a new team name, though still keeping the same team composition, on the UTAXFC website.

4.Team members do not have to be from the same school, but must be from the same grade and state.

5.Each student team member must make significant contributions to the success of the team and be a full participant in the development of the Mission Folder.

Student Eligibility Requirements


Eligibility Requirements 1.Students must be U.S. citizens or a legal U.S. resident, and must be officially enrolled in either 9th, 12th grade at a U.S. school-based public, private or home school.

2.Legal U.S. citizens who are educated outside of the U.S. and are in the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth grade are also eligible to compete.

3.For administration of awards, competition winners must provide their full name, home address, home phone number, a Social Security Number for either themselves or their parent/guardian and signature of a parent/guardian, upon request.

Team Advisor Eligibility To sponsor an UTAXFC team, the Team Advisor must meet each of the below requirements and be register with Mentor.org for background check.

•A Team Advisor must be at least 21 years of age.

•Team Head Coaches must be one of the following: a teacher, coach, counselor, leader in a youth organization or parent who meets the below requirements. A parent may serve as a Team Advisor as long as the parent is known at the student’s school/organization and has education or youth leadership experience, while also meeting the other eligibility requirements of a Team Head Coach.

•Team Head Coaches must have access to the Internet and an active email in order to communicate with DISRUPT DAC Mission Control.

•Team Head Coaches can mentor as many student teams as they choose, but must ensure that students are only participating with one team of students per competition year. Though students have the ability to submit multiple Mission Folders, teams must stay within their original format for each submission.


Participant Responsibilities Student Responsibilities Students should conduct themselves ethically and in compliance with the DISRUPT DAC Competition rules and online etiquette guidelines when using the Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, webinars and Instant Messaging, as well as when conducting experiments and surveys.

Team Advisor Responsibilities Team Head Coaches are responsible for the behavior and ethical conduct of themselves and their students, both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, postings in the Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, webinars and Instant Messaging, as well as in experiments and surveys conducted by the team. Team Head Coaches are responsible for demonstrating and encouraging respect and teamwork within their own teams, and to others in the DISRUPT DAC competition.

For teams to be eligible to compete in DISRUPT DAC, Team Head Coaches must ensure that all students on a team are from the same grade and state. If the students choose to submit more than one Mission Folder, the students must keep their original team composition for each submission.


Disrupt DAC and Mission Folders Mission Challenges Teams must select a problem that is related to one of the Mission Challenges listed on the DISRUPT DAC website. Teams may change their Mission Challenge during the competition any time prior to the Mission Folder submission deadline. There is no requirement to notify DISRUPT DAC of a change in Mission Challenge.

Mission Folders Teams must select a Mission Challenge and answer all of the questions in their Mission Folder in the character space provided utilizing either the scientific method, scientific inquiry or the engineering design process. Information about each of the processes can be found on the DISRUPT DAC website at the start of the competition. Teams are encouraged to reference supporting files, such as graphics, photos or tables, for the Virtual Judges to review. Supporting files must be uploaded to the Mission Folder and must be clearly named.

The maximum allowable size for uploaded files, per team, is 15 MB and/or 30 files. A single file cannot exceed 5 MB. Files not acceptable for uploading include .exe, .mdb, .scr., and .tif. Students can also reference their own web page if they choose to build one to support their Mission Folders.


Completing and Submitting the Mission Folder A completed entry consists of a completed and electronically signed Mission Folder, including any supporting files. This includes the “Project Start Date Verification Form.” Team Head Coaches and parents are not required to review the Mission Folder before it is submitted; however, UTAXFC strongly encourages these adult sponsors and mentors to actively participate in the students’ efforts.

Please ensure each of the subsequent steps is followed in order to submit and complete a Mission Folder.

1.Each team member must electronically sign the Mission Folder by selecting the check box next to their name, thereby attesting to its authenticity and completion, and that it is ready to be scored. Team Head Coaches are not required to sign the Mission Folder prior to submission.

2.The last student to sign the Mission Folder will automatically submit the Mission Folder for scoring. Mission Folders cannot be accessed or modified after they have been submitted. 3.Once the team has submitted its entry, a panel of Virtual Judges will review it based on the competition’s judging criteria.

4.If necessary, Virtual Judges may schedule a call to teams during the state competition judging period and conduct a question and answer session with students to ensure that the projects were completed by all of the participating team members.

5.Each of the First-Place State Winning Teams will be required to write an abstract (see appendix for template) to be submitted to the Regional Judging Panel. 6.The top four teams by grade level in each region will be called during the Regional Judging Period for a question and answer session with the Regional Judges, in order to help them determine the regional winners and ensure that the projects were completed by all participating team members. Each of the four teams must also complete and submit an abstract for its project to be reviewed by the Regional Judges.


Contents of Application and Entry General 1.Each team member must make significant contributions to the success of the team and be a full participant in the development of the final Mission Folder.

2.While students are encouraged to seek guidance from parents, Team Head Coaches, friends, published sources, other collaborators and the Internet, the students must do their own work on the Mission Folder and must not permit any person (other than student members of the team) to perform such work.

3.Teams must not copy the words or images of others, except as permitted in the section “Use of Copyrighted Materials,” which can be found in the next section. 4.The Mission Folder, as well as other communications submitted to UTAXFC, must be written in English. Use of Copyrighted Materials

1.Entries must be the original work of the students. The word “material” as used in this section includes text, images and data included in the entry or otherwise published on the Internet.

2.An entry may include supporting materials that were created by another person if an accurate citation to the quoted material is included in the entry. In addition, no entry may include material that was created by another person without permission to quote such materials by the creator or owner of such intellectual property, and a copy of such permission must be made available to  UTAXFC.

3.Quotations from materials printed in newspapers, magazines or books are permissible if reasonably necessary to illustrate a point or to give appropriate credit to an author and an accurate citation to the quoted material is included in the entry.

4.No entry may include any trademarked material(s) without the written permission from the owner(s) of the trademarked material(s). Previous Competition Entries 1.All work on the project must begin no earlier than October 1,2015. Students may use the same topic as in previous year, but must do completely new research and experimentation for the 2015-2016 competition. Failure to abide by this rule will result in team disqualification.

2.A team may submit a project that they entered in another science competition as long as research and experimentation for the Mission Folder began no earlier than October 2015.

3.Teams who have one in previous challenges in years past may use the same topic in the UTAXFC competition, but cannot resubmit the same exact project in future UTAXFC competitions. Resubmission is only acceptable if the students have performed new research, experimentation, ideas and solutions to extend the scientific inquiry.

Experiments on Vertebrates Mission Folder projects involving vertebrate testing, defined as animals with backbones and spinal columns (this includes humans,) are limited to the following:

1.Data that is publicly available and obtainable from a reputable, professional source.

2.Data that is gathered through observation of the subject in its natural habitat and does not pose a health risk to the subject by introducing a foreign object or stimulant.

3.Surveys intended to document the opinions or preferences of a study group.

*Surveys must be approved by the team’s school administration. Each team conducting a survey must fill out the  UTAXFC Survey Form (see appendix), have it signed by the school administration and upload the form as part of the Mission Folder submission.

4.Vertebrate testing that has been reviewed and approved by an institutional review board (IRB). Examples of Mission Folders that were disqualified for vertebrate testing violations:

a.Students conducted experiments on the behavior/health of hamsters when fed natural food vs. artificial food. Experiment could potentially be harmful to the hamsters. Data must be gathered through observation of the subject in its natural habitat without posing a health risk to the subject by introducing a foreign object or stimulant.

b.Students conducted experiments on the differences between makeup that has been tested on animals and that which has not. Test subject was one of the students on the team. Data must be gathered through observation of the subject in its natural habitat without posing a health risk to the subject by introducing a foreign object or stimulant.

c.Students conducted experiments on fish testing the effects of polluted water. Some fish died. Data must be gathered through observation of the subject in its natural habitat without posing a health risk to the subject by introducing a foreign object or stimulant.

An IRB is a committee that has been formally designated to approve, monitor and review biomedical and behavioral research involving vertebrates with the aim to protect the rights and welfare of the research subjects. UTAXFC does not participate in or sponsor the IRB process in any way. Teams who wish to explore this avenue must have successfully received IRB approval prior to submitting their Mission Folders and provide proper documentation. Please note that the approval process can take months, so plan accordingly. For more information on pursuing IRB services, please visit http://www.irbservices.com.

Disqualification Disqualification of Applications, Entries, Participants or Teams UTAXFC staff may decide to disqualify a team or disqualify an entry if it is of the opinion that:

•There is a violation of any portion of the rules, the required forms, or inappropriate conduct or misuse of the UTAXFC website or server by gaining access to areas that the user does not have explicit right to use or by using the server for purposes not related to the development and deployment of an entry. For example, a team, individual team member or user will be immediately disqualified if the team, individual team member or user gains unauthorized access to an area of the server other than the area designated for students or teams.

•If an entry contains materials that appear to violate any of these rules,  UTAXFC at its discretion, may disqualify the entry in its entirety, remove the materials from the entry which violate such rules or requirements, and/or withdraw an award that has not been previously paid out to the team. A final decision to disqualify a team or an entry may only be made by UTAXFC.

Disqualification of Virtual Judges In order to avoid an actual or apparent conflict of interest, a Virtual Judge must not be closely related to team members or a Team Advisor of a team that the Virtual Judge is screening, evaluating or judging. Accordingly, no one may act as a Virtual Judge with respect to an entry of a team if he or she is closely related to any member or Team Advisor of that team, or otherwise feels that he or she might be, or appear to be, biased. Parents, Team Head Coaches, UTAXFC and Ambassadors cannot serve as Virtual Judges in the same competition year.

A final decision to disqualify or remove a Virtual Judge may only be made by UTAXFC Producer.

Competition Changes and Intellectual Property Extensions of Contest Deadlines UTAXFC may extend any competition deadline, and will post any such extension on the UTAXFC website.

Ownership of Intellectual Property and the Rights and Duties of Parties An entry will remain the property of the submitting team. By submitting an entry, each individual team member grants UTAXFC a perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid-up and royalty free, right and license to use the entry in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever, beginning with the submission of the entry and continuing until October 1, 2016. Such right and license includes, but is not limited to, improving, modifying, making derivative works, enlarging, distributing, and making such entry available for use by any person or organization. During such license period, UTAXFC will also keep such entry on its website, or any successor website, and can distribute such entry to any person or organization in any manner.

UTAXFC shall have the right, but not the obligation, to take actions it deems appropriate to prevent misuse of an entry. The team members, and their parent(s) or guardian(s), may take such steps or actions to prevent misuse of the entry, as submitted, as they deem appropriate.

Finality of UTAXFC Decisions Each decision of UTAXFC with respect to any matter related to any UTAXFC contest, shall, in all respects, be final and binding on the team member(s), his, her or their parent(s) or guardian(s), the school(s), and the Team Advisor, and shall not be subject to review.

Modification of the Rules: UTAXFC Program Manager reserves the right to modify the rules to the extent that is fair and appropriate. Modifications will be posted on the UTAXFC website.

Awards General Award Terms UTAXFC will adhere to all applicable tax laws and regulations relating to the payment of awards, including any applicable required withholding. All taxes on awards, if any, will be paid by the winners. Before presentation of awards, all winners must supply  UTAXFC Mission Control with their full names, Social Security Numbers, birth date, mailing and phone information upon request. Students and Team Head Coaches who do not provide correct and complete information by the deadline provided are seen as refusing to comply with the rules and regulations of the competition and are forfeiting their claim to an award.

Awards Classification  •First Place State Winning Teams will receive up to $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond (Matured Value) per student. •Second Place State winning Teams will receive up to $500 U.S. Savings Bond (Matured Value) per student. Regional Awards •First Place Regional Winning Teams will additionally receive up to $2,000 U.S. Savings Bond (Matured Value) per student. National Awards •First Place National Winning Teams will additionally receive up to $5,000 U.S. Savings Bond (Matured Value) per student. Students on teams that score First-Place in Regional Judging will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Defense Media Activity. Exact location, dates and times will be announced later.

Honorable Mention Teams with Mission Folder scores in the top 10 percent nationally within their respective grade level and are not place winners will receive honorable mention recognition.

UTAXFC FIRST PLACE Winning Teams First and Second-Place Winning Teams at the state level of competitions will be subject to validation as a legitimate team. If a team fails to “pass” as a legitimate team per competition rules, then ALL team members of on that team will forfeit their award. If a First-Place Winning Team at the state level is not legitimate, then the Second-Place Winning Team will represent their respective state at the regional competition and may have the opportunity to earn the First-Place State level awards.

Every student on a First-Place Winning Team must contribute to their team’s preparation of the team’s display and presentation, as well as participate in

If members of First-Place Winning Team are not able to make it to the Defense Media Activity culminating event and therefore cannot make a complete team, then the remaining team members will not be allowed to compete and ALL team members will be asked to forfeit their Awards. If the First-Place Winning Team is unable to represent their region at the national competition, the next highest scoring team in the region may be invited to replace the Regional First-Place Winning Team. Additionally, alternate teams may have the opportunity to earn regional awards if they are chosen to represent the region at the national competition.


Fallen 66 My Brothers Keepers


BK 1huffRead Here

Dakar will create positive perception and visibility for ODMEO by teaching underserved students how to apply a digital media curriculum through the 90 Minutes TV program.  The content will utilize existing event platforms such as social media week that can provide mobile mass penetration via streamed programming to targeted underserved school districts such as; Compton Unified School District.

Our model will teach S.T.E.A.M. students to create growth and visibility for science and history projects like the “Friends Of Washington Elementary School” Facebook page which was engineered by Ruben Garcia, Chief Technology Officer for Dakar, and is managed by the parents.

With funding, success looks bright for the students of the Compton Unified School District to build an evergreen research project that will bring the best in class tools to the archiving, socializing and distributing the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy.

Social media week

With funding success looks bright for the students of the Compton Unified School District to build an evergreen research project “Friends Of Compton” that will bring the best in breed tools to the archiving, socializing and distributing the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy.


Dakar is in conversation with the The Los Angeles Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen Inc.  about producing an Oral History Portal that will provide  a voice for the LA chapter DOTA’s.  The Students from Compton will be central to building a digital library that will be vetted by L.A. Chapter Historians.   The measurement will be analyzed from the application of the lesson plans to the evolution of a Fallen 66 portal first phase, and a Video Catalog of unseen content.  With funding, the partnership with stakeholders in STEAM education will have access to the aggregated information for research in the fields of science and technology and apply to challenge based learning.

The World Today

The world has changed overnight and Dakar has created a system  to communicate with students, teachers, and parents who are tethered to smart phones, viewing on portable devices, laptops and desktops through Wifi and internet.

Businesses MUST DELIVER compelling and optimized rich media, dynamic text feeds, graphic, audio, video that rival or are equal to popular social media sites.

Statistics will show that consumers are frequently returning to social media sites and their favorite apps when shopping or in search of information.  It is a fact that consumers are influenced by social media perception and digital word of mouth opinion.

If the ODMEO invests in our proprietary multi-dimensional marketing (internet, broadcast, mobile, social networks, video channels and exclusive content/stories),  they will create growth and sustain visibility that they need moving forward.


Our goal is to build an all-in-one web site portal, social media, and content management/deployment solution  for a stakeholder such as the Tuskegee Airmen Airman Inc. , that will  deliver a cloud-based solution with a connected app.  The foundation of the proposed Fallen 66 web site will  provide password protection of files and pages, user accounts each to distribute content, management tools, e-commerce, public relations and marketing capabilities.


Dakar solutions will be taught to students as part our course curriculum working in real time with instructors to capture, build, and design simple to complex high visibility marketing and promotional solutions that will create growth and conversation for brand awareness for our partners

  • Build safe Yet Compelling Media
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization with More Fallen 66 Content
  • Deploy Promotional Campaign and breaking news instantly
  • Engage in our own Fallen 66 Social Media Feed driven strategies
  • Customize Mobile Content Deployment

FALLEN 66 documents


Dakar will provide training and expertise to assist the Compton High School existing media department students who will  learn the best practices of capturing, post production and socializing content in custom portal that will deliver two-screen experiences.  Compton’s media students have taken field trips through Dakar to conduct investigative reporting on industry events such as Digital Hollywood .  This access provides learning  and career development skills  about trending techniques as well as interviewing digital-media industry  influencers.

Dakar will utilize the database of students from the 25,000 Compton Unified School District  Academy Model to recruit students for certification to the YouTube Creator Academy.   This feature will enable them to take a one hour fall-spring semester course we call the Dakar Digital Media Academy. Students will enter the academy  through nomination and an application process for fall to spring instruction terms.

Featured Fallen 66 Work To Date

images 11.34.24 PM

CURRENT FALLEN 66  EVENT(S)abcdeFallen 66 2Fallen 66 1THE MISSION “UNTILL THEY ALL COME “Fallen soliders

Student Human Interest News Features/Short Story Competition

Human Interest News Features Content Montfort Point Marines, Not Forgotten Presxxentation2

Sample Content Sites

Answers To your Questions from the email 3/26 are in bold and hyperlinked in green. Dakar has obtained all of the available vetted documents regarding FALLEN 66 1.  here 2. here. The materials were provided from USAF historian Daniel Haulman, and a Tuskegee Airmen Inc. Historian, Craig Huntly. -Where will the videos/interviews/student created materials be shared? ONCE BUDGETED WITHIN A SECURED DEDICATED CLOUD/PORTAL ENVIRONMENT THAT MAY BE ACCESSED VIA MOBILE, HAND HELD OR DESKTOP/BROWSER.









1. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Homageusa/195124713878786

2. https://www.facebook.com/george.mccrumby?fref=ts

3. https://www.facebook.com/fallen66project




1. https://twitter.com/Homageusa


3. https://twitter.com/tercoles


1. http://www.pinterest.com/ipatriots/

-Can you provide metrics for your website and social media channels. For example, the number of unique visitors, the number of clicks, the number of followers, etc. WE HAVE THE CAPABILITIES TO PROVIDE REPORTING YET WE HAVE NOT LAUNCHED OR OPENED TO AUDIENCES AS OF NOW.


-How do you think this potential partnership can help ODMEO increase our number of Likes on Facebook and Followers on Twitter? How can we work with Homage to increase our engagement with students? OFFER REWARD LINK STRATEGY THAT GIVES REWARDS OR COMPELLING ITEMS, MEMBERSHIP TO PROCEED IF END USER LIKES OR LINKS TO REQUIRED CLICK THROUGH.

-How is the collection of videos on Homage different than storing/sharing videos on YouTube? Is the site secure? Is it 508 Compliant? IN BETA WITH BUDGET IS SECURE AND 508 COMPLIANT. 

-How do you track/measure the number of schools streaming the Homage content? How do students have the opportunity to interact with the content and with each other?  VIA DEDICATED 




-Are educators provided additional information on the videos? The Homage site does not provide details on what the videos are, so for an outside user it is difficult to follow along/understand the content. Educators will be provided Curriculum and lesson plan as well as a syllabus for  all archived video and photographs 


1. Sample Curriculum For Online Distribution/Download


2. Sample Curriculum For Online Distribution/Download

Does Homage have permission to reference DoD and to use the logos on the Homage “Mission Possible” and “Partners” section of the website?  Logo’s were used for a one-time demonstration to mr. Johnson on all social media channels. Took all of them down except those two examples…down now If at all possible, we would like the answers to these questions prior to the call in order to ensure a focused discussion. I hope we’ve answered your questions and are prepared to showcase the content to the world.  Lack on any funding has stalled our efforts, as the digital real estate neccessary to store this material is costly.


ctoarmsRed_Tail_Project_logo BRAD LANG (310) 809-4176  *   brad.lang@redtail.org


WEYMAN WATSON (443) 243-7977  * weymanww@gmail.com


JOE ELLIS  (323) 243-7977  * joeellisfoundation@gmail.com


CONTENT PARTNER * Video * Photography


D STEVENS (213) 364-6000  *   dstevens@dstevens.net