Dakar’s inspiration for Noah’s Green Ark is the Brilliant Bus, and will be designed and produced by Compton Unified School District . Powered by the Green Tech Media Academy, students for student will build three sustainable tracks, semester by semester, and through project based learning create a community asset.

1. Green Social Change

(Environment ACTIVISM)

The Greening Of Compton Creek

The concrete channel of Compton Creek provides an unlikely habitat for the Black-Necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus). This beautiful species feeds amongst mud flats created by eroded soil that is brought to the Creek by an extensive network of storm drains. These “sludge mats” support vegetation and invertebrates and, incredibly, they also provide areas for nesting as seen in this 90 Minutes TV video. An amazing example of species adaptation to a highly urbanized watershed.

2. Institution Stewardship

(Humanitarian Service, Veterans, Animals, Nutrition)

Who are the Fallen 66

How digital efforts of the Fallen 66 Task-force have curated the facts, featuring an interview with George Lucas and others –  with your help, we our enabling the lives of these KIA/MIA American military servicemen of WWII to be more widely celebrated.

3. Bridging The Digital Divide

(Diversity In STEAM Workforce Enhancement)

America’s Dangerous Tech Gap

The digital divide in this country is accelerating, with poor and minority kids still less likely to have access to critical tech tools, from laptops to the Internet. Chelsea Clinton on why this threatens all our futures—and how to tackle it.  Read More

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Memorial 5.18.20 AM

sam and nancy

Homage To Black Patriots who fought for Liberty, Freedom and Democracy from 1775 to Present

JamesHarvey,  on the 1st and  2ndhurrah’s.  Fallen 66  maybe the last hurrah?

Colin Powell Intro

Tuskegee Airmen Combat Base in Italy

Red Tails Combat

Tuskegee Airmen Debriefing

Grave Detail on Espiritu Santo August – 1943

1943 99th Fighter Group

Gun Camera Footage

Tuskegee Airmen Training

Was My Brother In The Battle

Tuskegee Airmen Graduation Ceremony

Integrated Funeral Service at Normany

Red Tail Ceremony with Benjamin O. Davis Sr. November – 1944

Drill Team Thanksgiving – 1943

POW World War II

Montford Point Marines, Pacific Theater

Triple Nickles 555th Training

92nd Buffalo Soldiers Fighting in Lucca Italy

On The Beach At Normandy

Northrop Grumman February 27, Black History Month Event

Northrop Grumman February 27, Black History Month Event

Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen, Ted Lumpkin