I Choose STEAM! changing the ‘ways to get out of the hood’ narrative for America’s underserved teens, one cash reward and cool Tik Tok video at a time! “brain science research has proven that teens can’t unlearn what they’ve already learned” What you are looking at is ‘Orange Unicorn Challenge’ question #43,

one of the many cool Tik Tok video contests America’s underserved teens will be invited to compete in to win cash and rewards. Now, just imagine what happens before they post their video on Tik Tok. Imagine they’ve completed their research, an arduous task within itself and he or she starts practicing their video.

They of course have to repeat the 7 reasons over and over again in the mirror. Next, imagine them asking their friends, siblings and parents ”how do I look when I’m talking?”, “do the 7 reasons sound better if I say them this way, or that way?” “hey, make sure you vote for me?” But by this time, after all of that is done and the video is posted, guess what? it’s too late, WE GOT UM! The 7 reasons are already embedded deep in their brilliant absorbent brains. You tell me how any teen is going to unlearn what they’ve already learned?

That my friends, is the STEAMTRACKER secret sauce, exposing teens to the exciting and fun exploration of STEAM in ways they will embrace and retain. The cash and rewards they will earn takes this experience to a new level of accomplishment. But wait! there’s more! the teens will earn more validation for years to come from the likes and comments on the evergreen videos they will post online.

These videos will become the cool teaching tools that will help spread the ‘STEAM is fire’ bug everywhere. ‘teens get rewarded for contributing to the 1,000’s of Cool STEAM media content spread all over the wildly successful social media platforms they help to build’ The ‘Orange Unicorn Tik Tok Challenge’, the ‘One Million Teen Engineers Challenge’, ‘STEAM Swipe Contests’, ‘STEAM Class Live’ and the ‘Free College Card’ are all part of the STEAMTRACKERS Curriculum.This program is meant to establish a communication strategy for STEAM Trackers — an interactive tool by which Teens and Young People are participants and collaborators in comprehensive career, education and entrepreneurial development. “today’s teens already rule social media, why not help them lead in making STEAM cool?’

We actually have ‘STEAM Social Media Training and Development’ modules as part of the curriculum. We aim to tap into and showcase the creative talent of those outspoken teens out there to work as STEAM reporters, contest MC’s and show hosts to help raise awareness among our target audience. In addition, we believe that the expression of today’s creative teen talent will skew up and down age-wise and reach much wider segments of society, in order to coordinate relevant campaigns with our local communities that will guide our efforts to national levels.

This program will provide the technical competence and thereby, confidence our underserved youth need — to achieve our overall objective — of gaining more equality in STEM/STEAM careers. As an instrument of training it is to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, plan, implement, and manage progressively broader access to tech career opportunities. No time to waste, the future is calling … now ‘STEAMTRACK: a teens Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math educational, career and entrepreneurial pathway to a successful future’ Objective.

This proposal outlines our plan to motivate and increase opportunities for teens and young people to acquire STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) knowledge through our effective proprietary programs, platforms, and structured curriculum with STEAM Trackers. Our methodology consists of training young leaders themselves, ages 16 – 21, to moderate a variety of online events and activities. They will be the teachers, the reporters, the leaders that will facilitate the sponsor supported programs designed to help our ‘Target Audience’ earn cash and rewards for reaching milestones as they gain knowledge about relevant career training and internship opportunities.

In turn, they will keep STEAM Trackers fresh and relevant with their ingenuity and creativity as they progress through their individualized STEAMTRACK to advance their education, careers, and entrepreneurial pathways. “Wait What! America has already invested over $1 trillion in STEM/STEAM educational programs . . . let’s close that connection gap . . . now” Strategy America has already invested $1 trillion in STEAM or STEM educational programs, and yet there remains a gap between this monetary investment and direct social connection among underserved and at-risk youth. Following the vision of Founder Pamela Gustava Curry, STEAM Trackers highlights a fun and educational way for young people to engage in social media learning through our Free College Card program — online contest platform.

2 STEAMTACKERS Media Research Lab. Every youtube show, Tik Tok contest, countdown and video helps us conduct the research we need to determine the effectiveness of our programs from one method to the next. ‘1,000 STEAM trained teens will influence 1 million deserving teens to take action’ Our strategy is to train one thousand (1,000) teens and young people that will influence one (1) million teens to get on and to stay on their STEAMTRACK. All the while, we are developing the future workforce to become qualified for careers in various tech industries. This program provides a CURRENT solution to address the problem of training FUTURE human resources, with a focus on expanding opportunities for at-risk youth and people of color.

Program participants will have options to pursue a pathway to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math by securing access to select mentorships, internships, and products from our sponsor companies – utilizing a social media platform that encourages them to use their voice as positive role models for others. ‘our 100 effective curriculum modules will get any teen on their STEAMTRACK!’ The curriculum consists of 100 educational modules that encourage and enable teens to “get on their STEAMTRACK” through our exciting new media E-Learning Platform. Throughout their three year journey they will receive feedback from peer participants, sponsors, supporters, and program directors. Not only will they become social media influencers, participants will also be active partners to help strengthen this program for thousands of young people who will follow in their footsteps.

More than 300 candidates are eagerly awaiting evaluation of their auditions for consideration as STEAMTRACK reporters, hosts and up and coming STEAM social media influencers. Which provides evidence to the UNDENIABLE interest in the program’s educational foundation for its target audience. ‘participating teens will agree to invest 50% of the cash they earn to go towards college and savings. Our banking partner will love this!’ Social Advocacy and Investment STEAM Trackers promotes a better quality of life for participants while also improving economic development through community cooperatives with local businesses, corporate sponsors, nonprofits, and government agencies – supported by an educational platform and a dedicated team that is committed to our mission.

Together, we are designing a career path for a future work force that is enriched by diversity and creativity. ‘a $1 million investment will jumpstart the Team to convert 100 curriculum modules into 1,000’s of content media products, and train 1,000 teen STEAM social media influencers to convince 1 million deserving Teens to get on their STEAM Track’ Conclusion We are seeking to acquire an initial investment of $1 million to finance substantial program advancement that includes research and product testing, the development of social media platforms, Apps and websites, hiring, training and development of teen talent, media production and marketing as well as program management costs long term. Your support will engage today’s youth and enrich their future contributions to help ensure that our world becomes a much better place that offers them income stability and sustainability, equity, equality and fairness.

We invite you to partner with us as we pave the way for today’s teens to become America’s new STEAM teachers and influencers that we will nurture and develop into tomorrow’s STEAM leaders. Please find attached, the budget you requested. The STEAMTracker Team thanks you for allowing us to share our vision. Pamela Gustava Curry, Brigitte Jones, Marcus Dotson