Elite Street Promotional Billboards are customizable illuminated Walking Billboard Signs. They are the new innovative way of getting your message out on the streets. We at Elite Street Pro understand promoting a business or brand can be a challenge, but with our effective grass roots approach, we have made it a whole lot easier.

Elite Street Pro, allows you the opportunity to maintain direct contact with your clients, while marketing your business, brand or product in addition to tons more.

What makes our walking billboards unique is that they are actually illuminated so you can advertise dark. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery pack and using high quality internal LED lighting is illuminated giving the ability for the Human Billboard to be seen at night.



¨    Customizable

¨    Face to Face Marketing

¨    Affordable

¨    Great for Day and Night

¨    Perfect for Grand Openings, Specials, and other events

¨    We take care of the staff

¨    Interactive Advertising

¨    Functional & Effective

¨    Competitive Rates

¨    6 or 10 hour battery Life