BmikeroB Artist Development

If you dream of having, a career in entertainment one must understand that it will not happen overnight. You must be prepared to invest, work hard, have patience, endurance, be open to constructive criticism and learn the in’s and out’s of the entertainment industry.

Artists of all ages are faced with not just being creative, but they also must learn to manage their product, understand and develop strong business ethics and learn what record labels, TV producers, dance companies, and other representatives in the industry and are looking for.

The entertainment industry, especially music has been impacted by digital distribution which has lead to pirating and reduced CD sales as well as being affected by today’s starving economy. Record Labels no longer have the resources they once had to invest in raw talent, therefore most labels have eliminated there artist development divisions and A&R’s are now looking  for artists that have polished their image, talent, product, and stage presence; simply put they want the “COMPLETE PACKAGE”.

BmikeroB Artist Develop program entails a multi-discipline approach, and to start we begin with an in depth interview with the artist to obtain all pertinent information to effectively evaluate the artists talent, image, music, short and long term goals. We will develop an individual plan that will address the artist’s needs along with time frames in order to achieve the desired goals.

We will assist in the training and development of:

Stage Presence
Vocal Traning
Industry Business
Studio Techniques
Acting Techniques

Life Skills
Creative Direction
Music Production

Media Training
Vocal Training

We also work with the following resources in order execute your personalized development plan and to further expand your contacts and knowledge in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Song Writers
Digital Distribution
Script Writers
Graphic Designers

National TV Producers
Web Designers

Vocal Coaches
Rehearsal Space
Acting Coaches