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The sleeping giant from the Northern California Bay Area is alive and kicking!

California’s New Indie “Big 7 Records” Celebrates in a Big Way After Capturing Top Honors
Big 7 Records Vice President of A & R and Promotions, Richard Franco said on Sunday morning, “Last year we attended the NMW awards for the first time and saw what we had to do to win… I am stunned that we actually did it.” Franco went on to say, “We are so grateful to ‘Murph’ for being so dedicated to his music and helping us to get here. Also, we would like to give a huge thanks to New Music Weekly and Music Row for their unflagging guidance, support and embracement of our artists. It’s a wonderful thing to continue to hear our singles on the radio and see them climb on the charts but, coming home with a trophy like this is truly the pay-off !”


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