testimonials1“Ms. Sara has been a wonderful teacher for our two children. Her ability to teach phonics and reading to young children is second to none. Academically, our children were extremely well prepared for kindergarten. In addition, Ms. Sara teaches discipline, good manners and proper choices in a loving environment. She gives the children a well-rounded preschool experience with songs, stories, art, cooking and play time in addition to the academic topics”.
Ron and Dixie L.

“I highly recommend Back to Basics Montessori Christian Preschool to anyone who wants to give their child a head start in life. My daughter absolutely loves school, and has learned so much. When we put her in at the age of 3, she didn’t know how to read or write. I am amazed at how fast Ms. Sara taught her these things. Not only that, but my daughter loves all the extra things they get to do (put on plays, cook, visit the local shops, and play in the beautiful backyard playground).”

Tanya M.


“We greatly appreciate Ms. Sara’s efforts in instilling a rounded education in our daughter, in particular the individual attention and care offered. We want our child to be well-educated, to learn to treat herself and others with respect and compassion and to develop her interpersonal and foreign language skills. Ms. Sara’s patient leadership in our daughter’s early education outside of the home has been rewarding. Our daughter is developing literacy and numeracy at a very good pace. She is also becoming more fully and better socialized as a result of the activities designed and led by Ms. Sara. Our daughter is certainly getting the basics…and more. Keep up the good work”.

Salem A.